A few thoughts…

I don’t know how much longer I will be hanging on. I truly love the animal rights movement and Anonymous, so if you will give a tired, broken, lost old Viking a few moments, and consideration, I will be in your debt in Valhalla.

Every day…every day for years now…I get pleas for help. I get pleas from people losing their homes, people who are terminal, people asking for help for abused animals with ,pics of horrors done to animals that break my hear in two. I get questions about VPNs, how to hax, d0x, all kinds of things. I help where I can…but inside, my own inner demons about losing my Mom, an outside cat, and being completely broke, are nagging me.

All that said…here are a few suggestions. For one, quit fighting each other. There are trolls whose only life is upsetting others. Identify them quietly, ostracize them, and in extreme cases, organize groups to deal with them. Its call “war”. There are good Anons, #OldFags like me who can help in these groups. A house divided will fall.

All the tweetstorms, all the d0xing, all the dd0sing will be fruitless without FORCING government to make animal rights a priority…and abuse, the most serious of felonies both nationally, and state by state. You must organize pressure groups to attack the financial lifeline of trophy hunting businesses, of anyone and everyone benefiting from the ivory trade,the tickets at Seaworld, factory farms. The key is legislation, boycotts, criminal penalties.
YOU must light your torch, and as part of the village, chase the bastards into their castles and burn them down (metaphorically perhaps). This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hax, d0x, protest..these are also vital parts of what must be a coordinated national and international campaign…and you can’t assume your fellow tweetmate Sue will do it. These are fundamental changes. Put them fundamental.

If we can start making certain species have non-human person rights, like chimps, as soon as they have these rights, they have legal rights (see dolphins in India). Power, votes, d0xing, protest, pressure…these are YOUR weapons. YOU MUST use them whether I am around or not.

There are, to me, no excesses in protecting animals. You must be willing, barefisted, to face down a 300 pound Bubba with a 12 gauge as Ghandhi did metaphorically. People will be hurt. People will be killed. This is a war, and not won eating your frozen turkey dinner.

Abusers deserve to be trolled…not good people. Anons need to organize anti-trolling groups and when some poor bastard is being trolled for nothing, need to en masse, go after the troll, and say, not here, not on my watch. All of us are more cruel than any of us, and its time women and girls and men, good people all, are safe around here. I personally know hax0rs who can shut them down, but these people are in semi or full retirement. Also, don’t feed the trolls. Their life is upsetting, intimidating, poking at you. When you block, or someone outs them, they get pwned.

Many of us are,or will be homeless soon. The present government or ANY government you elect led by a millionaire doesn’t give a shit about the homeless, or medical marijuana. They are just big green leeches sucking the life out of you. When the majority of people have no homes, no jobs, the economy is dead.

You are the only hope of Anonymous as many of us OldFags have to hand the torch to you. Us OldFags didnt have tutors, mentors, we had to hit the ground running, learn it for ourselves. You at least stand on the shoulders of OldFags who went before…they are a source of wisdom. They may not hax any more, but you need to listen, to respect them.

We MUST be family. Kind of funny in an Anonymous structure to say that when the handle you talk to may be a Fed or Perv or Troll…but watch how Anons conduct themselves..their tweets, ask around …you need a shoulder at times…believe me.

The only fix is national rebuilding from ground up. Leaving the same racist homophobic, xenophobic assholes in charges but getting new recruits perpetuates #SandraBland. The murders, yes, murders of animals, men, women, children by cops is at an all time high. More are being murdered by police than terrorists. And, you know where to find the picture of the person likely 2 kill you will a gun? Walk into any bathroom…look into the mirror. You are more likely to kill yourself with a gun than Al Bagdaddy or cops. Suicide is rampant. A Veteran offs him or herself at the rate of about one very hour, 24/7.
Laws must be changed. Cops need to go to hard time prison.

Laundering of drug money by HSBC was not punished by one person going to prison. Other banks are also laundering cartel money at astounding rates. Our own government is a crook. Go to “Whereisthemoney.org” and see what is going on. It’s YOUR money being stolen by fat cats, bankers, Big Pharma, defense contractors, etc.
Saying that 8.5 TRILLION is “missing” from Pentagon budget alone is not acceptable. Any other business would be bankrupt.

The Romans had the idea that each person is a twig..easily broken along, the fascicles..a bundle of which were the fasces, that was unbreakable. The fascists poisoned the word, but the concept is still ballad. We NEED to band together….UNITY.

Little groups in Anonymous attack others are against the Anonymous idea, and are the death knell of it.

I have tried never to grossly lie to you. Anon99 is me, but, lets say, perhaps the nuttier, angrier part of me, but as far as I could, I tried to be truthful. Its funny,I know 99 like an alter-ego. He could die and the “real me” could live…but I would genuinely mourn his passing as if part of me died.

I had tried, in limited circumstances, to ask forgiveness and give forgiveness where I felt I acted wrongly. I will never ask nor give it when I was right. That said, please consider occasionally becoming friends again with an enemy that used to be your friend if you can.

I have sources who know far more than I about government plans. I don’t reveal them. Things like Treasure Map from NSA (please google it) are the tip of the iceberg. A dossier is being developed on every human on earth by NSA and GCHQ. Tempora, Stellar Wind, XKeyscore, the list goes on and on and on. Treasure map seeks to map in real time, 24/7, every device connected or connecting to the Web…and of course, monitor,tag, analyse, refer to law enforcement any suspect communications.

You….your grandchildren , will live in a huge Panopticon where privacy is a joke from the 20th century. You will either accept this “Brave New World” of “1984” or fight it.

I have deep respect for all things Anon, and yet, we have to give a fuck from OpBeast to OpSafeWinter to OpDeathEaters…that is my friend, “giving a fuck”. There is no deus ex machina(god from teh machine) ,a theatrical device in old stagecraft which descended , godlike from the ceiling to save things when an inescapable plot twist arose.

I bathe in sadness. I alone most of the day so Sadness and I share coffee, watch the news…we are siamese twins. Sadness is a cancer on the spirit. I try to make you guys laff, or share a tune, and behind that, is me, at the depths of despair trying to help others not fall into my pit of despair.

You…yes you…17, 25, 32, 46, 77…you ARE magic, magicians. It is what Aleister Crowley called “ordinary magic”. If you want a gate open. reach put your hand, pull, and it opens, that ordinary magic. If you wave your hand it opens by itself, thats extraordinary magic.
Believe in yourself. I remember in 13th Warrior, when the Arab Iben was given a Viking sword and it was so heavy he almost dropped it, he asked how he could fight with that and the jovial Viking said “grow stronger”. Iben instead, haxed the sword, grinding it into something he knew how to use. Haxing is not just command line shit..it is finding workarounds, unconventional ones, to solve a problem or accomplish a goal.

I don’t want a tear shed…not one. I was never happy being alive, but, in the ultimate act of procrastination, put leaving off for 63 years.

So, to sum up things…listen to the strong, wise voices. Listen to teh #OldFags (a term meaning rapper equivalent of Original Gangsta…Old Skool) and #OldFags, listem to #NewFags. None of us has all the answers.

Just carry on as you would if I were here. I am in a dark place right now and what all this is, is “contingency planning”. Always have a backup plan.

I have been blessed to know @OccupyWallStNYC, @YourAnonNews, and so, so many others. Please give heed to what they say…they have level heads.

If I leave on request, it is protect animals. For 63 long years, I have done my best to protect, nurse them to help, adopt, and yes, when cancer took them, had them die in my arms with love streaming through eyes soaked in tears. If Ive been a decent Anon, that would be my only request. Protect them, go after abusers in every way possible, change the laws so they are living beings with rights and not “property”

Because, I am slipping away. I am holding onto the last knot in the knot in the rope. Three have heard from me about reasons beyond stated, but not much different, and I ask them on their honor, to keep it all a secret between friends.

It means only what I have said. Like a line of code…don’t read anything into it beyond what the brackets and conditionals say.
It may mean I will be gone a while…or much, much longer…or, it may mean I will be back tomorrow. My goings or comings do not affect the veracity nor urgency of what I have said.

We must protect the environment, animals, and each other…with a ferocity not seen since the Mongol horde stormed across the steppes.

It means more than you ever knew. I often wrote thank you through tears…hardly able to see what I was . I came here, started with one follower, a kind person who took a chance on this weird new account.
If a leave today, I leave with a sense that although I screwed up some, I also do some good,and hope the balance leans to the positive more than negative.

I will hold on to the last minute. If my account sends out the Cheshire Cat tweet, it marks the end of my Twitter adventure.

I think I understand Aaron Swartz, Robin Williams in a new clarity now. It is hopelessness, the dying of the light, the loss of the door out of the mass that brings us all to where we end up.

Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Because, I do, and its the only way to win in the end…it takes a family, a Hive, to win.

Namaste, Peace, Love, Solidarity
to ANons, Occupiers, Anipals, and regular folks.

Thanks for reading this.


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