Question: Can we STOP the hunting of Wolves?

Question: Can we STOP the hunting of Wolves?
Answer: Conditional YES. If you just RT positive tweets on stopping wolf hunts, the answer is NO. What MUST be done is what I outlined…you must bring an attack on many fronts. You must identify, name, d0x, and then have the world troll the shit out of Swedish wolf hunters. You must pressure governments worldwide to start pressuring the Swedish EPA, Prime Minister, to stop the hunts.

In short, the hunts must become a liability to tourism, international trade, political power, plus, any hunter, any manufacturer who is involved in facilitating these hunts, must be targeted. His employer should be d0xed, trolled, boycotted.

The world MUST let them know (and France, and USA) know that wolf hunting is a barbaric, sadistic practice that serves NO useful purpose.

Now, I know elderly folks who think “What can I do?” Well, if you can post on Facebook that your son had a new baby, you can email Sweden or the European Union that you are one of millions opposed to the Swedish wolf hunts.

I hate to be a prick about this…but 10 of us cannot win this. 10,000, dedicated people, could make a difference if all work hard, know what to do. 100,000 would be 10 times that. And, only one million people, could change things for the better.

But, you can’t just sit there are RT or Tweet. I promise that my team, #d0xteamsix will do their part, as outlined in my earlier general plan…but YOU (no, not the guy behind you…YOU) must help us. We must do this for the wolves.

If you love your family, remember that wolves love their family. How would you feel if hunters came in and started murdering your wife, children, grandmother, for nothing..and afterward, grabbed up their bodies, grinning, wanting heir picture taken with your wife or child’s dead body.

If you have a dog you love, you would not have that dog if wolves had not been their ancestor.

Don’t just RT me and others…start blogging, making videos, sending emails to Sweden, to your government officials. Do something other than RTing.


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