The War on Swedish Wolf Hunting

I am tired of innocent wolves being Slaughtered in Sweden, as tired as I am of Taiji Cove being turned blood red with sadistic, nonsensical slaughter of dolphins.

Tweetstorms are good. Taking down Swedish websites, albeit a malum prohibitum, have value. But sadly, they are not stopping things.

I know that my friend @CarolaAnkar is a target, a real target for perhaps murder by Swedish Hunters.

We have to in essence, declare War on Swedish Hunting of Wolves.

I am one man, and I have some experience in changing things over my life time, so I am now offering some ideas, and invite others to join me, my cr3w, in developing and implementing real measures to force Sweden to stop the hunts.

TO make real change, Carola Ankar running in the snow, being a target for high powered rifles, is unacceptable. Taking down some Swedish sites, though it gives us satisfaction, changes nothing.

Now, the preface to what follows must be this. I am not advocating nor promoting every action. I am not, for the record, promoting ANY illegal act in Sweden, USA, or any other country. What I am doing is engaging in the investigation of certain actions and Ops in a theoretical world, much like ours, for education reasons. The legal actions, I may in fact be promoting…a high probability in fact.

First, we need those people in Sweden,lawyers especially, who can advise us who are not in Sweden about Swedish laws, ie point to links on the internet, especially with English translations. We want to know exactly what is legal and what is not legal.

Secondly, we want to know the degree and nature of pressure and control the European Union has on Sweden’s wolf hunting. Can they charge, prosecute, send in armed military to make sure laws and rules are not being violated…or are they limited to exchanging emails with the Swedish Environmental Agency, a group we view as PRO-HUNTERs.

Thirdly, as I understand, these wolves are hunted on private lands. Is there are legal and feasible (and logistical) means of moving the wolves to other “private lands” where hunting is ILLEGAL ?

There is an old saying, a bit crude, but sez, how do you teach a mule a new task…you take a 2X4 and hit him between the eyes…as an animal lover, that joke offends me BUT, it teaches a valuable lesson…sometimes, extreme measures are needed to get people’s attn.

ILLEGAL METHODS: I do not, for the record, advocate ANY illegal acts
and that is why we need a lawyer or someone very familiar with current Swedish laws to advise us. That said, taking down Swedish websites via botnets, stressors, booters, dd0sing, goes get people’s attn. Haxing email servers and seeing the plotting, such as a plot to murder Carola Ankar, could be devastating for the “hunters”, get some arrested, perhaps prosecuted, for planning a murder.

There are other illegal actions, and though I will not discuss them here, my Brothers and Sisters can imagine.

We need international pressure, not just the European Union, a tsunami of protest on Sweden year long, not just when the hunts are on. It means contacting senators, our EPA, representatives, all animal advocacy organizations, etc., and asking them to stand with us in opposition to this bloody, grisly, inhumane, unwarranted action by people passing themsleves off as “hunters”.

We need to identify, gain info, and do full d0xes on every hunter, every member of hunting organizations taking part in the hunts.
My group has started it off by doxing the Prime Minister and his next in command. We have started the d0x on the head of the hunter organization involved. Once d0xed, to be honest, we need ppl to troll the hell out of each and every target. Make their lives hell from the internet.

ALL…and I mean ALL, people and groups claiming to be animal advocates, SHOULD join us in stopping these hunts. What that means is simple. Stop any arguing, trolling of each other, d0xing of each other, and work in harmony with fellow groups and fellow ARA members.
You wanna troll someone, d0x someone, pick a Swedish target and let ME see how good you can d0x and troll them.

I am only one Anon, but I ask humbly all Anons to consider the horrors of these hunts, and join me and countless other Anons in this fight.

Whether you are attacking online or facing off with a hunter, make sure you use proper protections. My group can help people who are serious in learning to d0x, but you also need an Anon profile, use VPN (even a free one like CyberGhost 5 and or Tor when online, when pasting pastes, when visiting sites, etc.

Ive been in the martial arts for 40 years, and can direct you to videos and written materials that give great instruction on self defense….or, as I prefer, offense, never defense.

Whether you ARE a “celebrity” or a friend or relative who can talk with them, we NEED both celebrities, and politicians to speak out for us, to expose the horrors in Sweden.

We need to develop a profile, or better, a hierarchical pyramid of who the “power” companies in Sweden are, and by that, I mean which companies can affect the politics there. Those companies providing either political or monetary support to wolf hunting need boycotting, and though I do not advocate this for the record, electronic warfare against them.

I am torn about this. If a protest is called and two people show up, it hurts the image of our movement. If a protest is called and 500,000 show, politicians and companies take notice that this is a serious thing to deal with.

Blogs, magazine articles, newspaper articles, viral videos, exposes,
celebrity spokesperson spots….all serve to create the anti-hunting
zeitgeist we want to create.

We need to promote petitions that demand this evil practice stop. Sign them, and if there are not petitions with wording strong enough, create them, sign them, send me links and I will get eyes on them.

Enough of this namby pamby bullshit of asking hunters not to kill or begging Asa Romson to stop it. Am I a Wolf Warrior…fucking A I am.
This means, the machine behind wolf hunts is our enemy, and in war, you destroy your enemy. Asking hunters to stop is bullshit. Let THEM, by name, become a target. Find out their business, their employer, d0x their employer, find ways to interfere with their business. Hit their pocketbook…economic warfare.

As SOON as I publish this, the “can’t monsters” will come out, whining we can’t do this, we can’t do that. “Can’t” is the golden one way ticket to failure. “Can’t” got us where we are.

If you care about wolves…and for the record, I DO …then don’t just read this and say…I agree or “That’s nice”…become a CAN DO person. Get involved. I have given people who have various skills and talents many options to get involved.

Its obvious some of this will cost money. For that reason, let’s think up ways of raising money from selling handcrafted items, to getting corporation or private donations, to…cake baking contents, or whatever.

I believe without any doubt, Carola Ankar is targeted for murder by Swedish hunters. They have photographed her, gotten her license plates,etc. Well, this documentation game is something we Anons are fucking excellent at. Everyone has a phone with both video and picture taking capabillities. You too can document hunters and we can
develop a “Monster’s Gallery” of their faces, along with their d0xes.

Other countries, such as France slaughter wolves…the Native people, the Sami slaughter wolves. If we discover particular methods that work in Sweden, we can translate them to use in other countries and with other hunters….along with setting up groups in each country to outline the laws in that country.

You can agree with what I’ve said, you can disagree…and that’s fine, but if you do, offer your OWN plans, don’t just curse the darkness, light a candle.

I know that some Anons, for whatever reason, don’t like me. This is NOT about me at all. This is about saving Anons, and I will personally go into a truce with any ARA I have not gotten along with, so long as the truce is directed toward stopping the Swedish wolf hunt forever.

These are just a few thoughts to tell you where i am coming from. Attack the financial arteries feeding the hunters. Pressure political leaders. Dox people involved in the hunts directly or which facilitate the hunts, or financially benefit by selling products to hunters.

I cannot fight by myself. I need others. We need the help of Occupiers, Anons, ARA, ASPCA, all large animal protection groups.

We need to coordinate efforts. My suggestions are not carved in stone, and of course, changes can be made…but to me, my underlying motivation is WAR ON HUNTING OF WOLVES…an aggression, no holds barred cage match against the butchery.

Thank you for reading this.
`Anon99, Co-Founder of #d0xteamsix


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