Laws on Hunting in Sweden

It’s always interesting to actually READ the laws of another country.
Apparently, if the people of the world raised money for mercenaries to go to Sweden, tactical gear, to confront Wolf Hunters, as long as they had a Swedish “host” who actually makes the arrangements, it would not be against the law if the mercenaries claimed they were there to “hunt”.

The Swedes, for whatever reason, DO go into exquisite detail about the kinds of ammunition and firearms permissible. In fact, that are almost anal about it.

Here are the rules as printed:
Source:, 2005
Handbook of Hunting in Europe, FACE, 1995

“Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (SAHWM)
Öster-Malma – 611 91 Nyköping
Tel +46-155-24 62 00
Fax +46-155-24 62 50

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
(Statens Naturvårdsverk)
SE-106 48 Stockholm
Tel +46 (0)8 698 10 00 – Fax +46 (0)8 20 29 25

Only rifles can be used for certain game, including moose, red deer and bear. For ammunition the following requirements apply. Bullets which weigh at least 10 grams (154 grains) must have an impact energy of at least 2.000 joules at 100 metres from the muzzle. Bullets, which weigh between 9 and 10 grams (139-154 grains) must have an impact energy of at least 2.700 joules 100 metres from the muzzle. Such ammunition is classified as Class 1. Similar requirements also apply to hunting for fallow deer and wild boar. However, these game
species can also be hunted with shotguns loaded with slug-ammunition.

Only single-barrel shotguns can be used in this connection.
Beavers are also among the species, which can be hunted only with rifles. For roe deer hunting shotguns are allowed only between 1 October and 31 January. At other times rifles must be used.
The minimum ammunition requirement for hunting beaver and roe deer is: bullet weight at least 3.2 grams (50 grains); impact energy of at least 800 joules 100 metres from the muzzle. Fully jacketed bullets cannot be used for hunting any of the above species. Shotguns, which can be loaded with more than three cartridges, may not be used. The largest permitted calibre is 12. Calibres smaller than 20 – with certain exceptions – cannot be used for hunting. The biggest shot size allowed is number US 1 (4 mm).

Travel to Sweden with firearms
Visitors from Denmark, Finland or Norway with permanent permission from proper authority to own and use firearms for private use in these countries may, without any special import permit or
fee, to Sweden import these firearms and ammunition belonging to them. The firearms and ammunition may be used in Sweden for a period of maximum three months. The permit of the weapon should be brought along or – regarding Denmark and Finland – the permit of the weapon
or the European Firearms Pass. Visitors from the Nordic countries should also register their import of a firearm on the website of the customs.

Foreign visitors from other countries planning to take their own firearms on a hunting trip to Sweden must start planning in good time and in co-operation with their Swedish host. As a rule it is best for the host to make an application on behalf of the guest.”


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