The Hyprocrisy of Youtube

Youtube features horrible videos of animals being killed, and all kinds of videos which either show animal abuse or killings, but heaven forbid I should name the head hunter, and vow we will d0x him. I did NOT release ANY of his personal info..just his name and three pictures. Youtube has become a totally hypocritical organization in which, just a few bars playing in the background of a video has gotten people a DMCA strike, but there are entire three hour concerts being shown, not by the artist, not by his production company, but uploaded by regular people.

Well, I have a message for Youtube. You are not only a hypocritical company, but I can host this video on several other sites without ANY complaints.

See these:

These are just a few. So, if you’ve been bought off by rich hunters in Sweden,
take these as a message about sites who do NOT censor animal rights people.


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