The #OpMrsYang Issue…

First off…I have not been part of the #OpMrsYang operation, and don’t know anything really about it. I don’t know Mrs Yang, cannot vouch for her in any way , shape, or form.

That has come to our attention that there is a schism between certain Animal Rights people, and certain Anons…the former claiming Mrs Yang (whoever the fuck she is) is a fraud…and this has led to little skirmishes and threats among the parties who are arguing over the Mrs Yang controversy.

So, I am asking the two camps…the Pro Mrs Yang group and the Con (against) Mrs Yang group to stop attacking each other, block each other, and do what you feel you must do either to support her, or to present evidence that you feel exposes any wrongdoing.

But, this war has got to end and must end today. We have mutual targets like Sweden, that we can agree ARE doing evil things, and we should not allow this Mrs Yang issue to become a wedge.

This is the end of it for me. I am an animal rights person, but also an Anon, and I will defend all my Anon family to the best of my ability. I hope my position is clear.

In other words…STOP THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT FIGHTING AND BLOCK EACH OTHER if you cannot work in harmony on things that need doing .

Yours respectfully,





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