Anonymous as a Change Agent- Second installment

In the first installment, we learned that Anons want to make information more available, and to oppose the actions of the Copyright Cartel, aimed at ending personal ownership and the substitution of EULAs, where no one can own media files, just use them for an indefinite period. Anons can promote this part of Change through a number of methods including sharing on P2P networks, blogs, videos, articles, in short, all methods of getting out our message AND sharing information.

In this second installment, we look at Anons as Change Agents with regard to humane treatment of animals, respect toward nature and proper use of our environmental resources. In China, we are seeing the pollution of their air get so bad, they are affecting the air quality of other countries. People must learn that we all share this one planet, and its resources, air, water, etc., do not belong to just one country or one person, but are shared by all, and are the inheritance of the next generation, not only the next generation of humans, but all wildlife.

It is wrong to think of animals and other living creatures on this planet as just objects for the exploitation of humans. We are animals too, and if extraterrestrials came to Earth and treated humans the way we do animals, we would mark them as monsters, not JUST monsters, but sadistic ones at that.

Ultimately, the poisons we dump in our neighbor’s yard, will end up in our water supply as well.  Thus, one of our goals is to begin to change the understanding of people worldwide as to the way in which companies, governments, and individuals, interact with both the environment and our fellow living creatures, both the flora and fauna.

Things like the dolphin slaughter at Taiji Cove, the Yulin Dog Meat “festival”, as well as other “cultural” slaughters of animals, such as wolves in Sweden, France, Norway, and here in various US States, as well as the inhumane treatment of animals in zoos, must end, and we must be part of the process by which these things change.

Sadly, humans seem to have lost respect for our fellow creatures, even for man’s best friend, the dog. We see police killing pet dogs for no reason, and of course, there are sadistic bastards killing domestic animals daily . This must be opposed and the perpetrators outed publicly. We must push for animal abuse to not only be treated as a felony, but serious prosecution pursued in every case. Those who hurt innocent animals should become targets of decent people, in every country.

We celebrate the fact that certain countries are choosing to give some animals “non-human person” status. This allows them to have legal rights which humans who advocate for animal rights, can use to protect them. India has afforded dolphins this status, and we believe that the chimpanzees, other great apes, as well as other marine mammals should also be afforded this legal protection.

As stated before with regard to the Freedom of Information, Anons as Change Agents can do much not only to change attitudes through blogs, videos, music, articles, etc., but we can go after countries who choose to abuse the animals within their borders. This would include countries such as Sweden, who have chosen to go against the European Union guidelines with regard to the slaughter of wolves.  Japan, of course, is another target.

Although we are not specifically urging illegal acts, dd0sing, haxing, and other electronic acts that not only disrupt country’s ability to do business, but the leaking of emails and other information exposing corruption in those countries, is certainly understandable, and could be a valuable method of intervention. In fact, Country by Country, State by State, those who do not stop the abuse of wildlife, do not stop the practice of trophy hunting, and other barbaric practices, should “expect us” to pay them a visit in one way or another.

That said, of course we want to change laws and customs, such that extralegal methods are not necessary. We need to push for legislation that protects animals, and undoes the decades of abuse. As voting citizens we can do this by pressuring those who allegedly represent us, here, and in other countries.

What must be understood is that we humans are not apart from nature, we are a part OF nature, and when we do damage to nature, we will reap the punishment for it.

Citizens of the world, not just Anons, must start understanding that we need to find environmentally friendly power sources, renewable power sources, and those that not only have a small footprint with regard to damage to the environment, but we need new technologies which enable us to continue the same or better standard of living, while at the same time, being better stewards of the environment upon which we depend.

Although there may be Earth-like planets out in space, we are not there nor do we have the technology to transfer our population there. We have been given a beautiful planet upon which to live, and we have everything not only to live but prosper, so conservation and proper treatment of our natural resources and our fellow animals is a must.

Thus, the second pillar of our agenda, must be to change the way humans treat our environment, and our fellow creatures.


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