One LAST post on #OpMrsYang

I hope this is the last time I have to address this issue. I will attempt to speak for both myself and my Brother @Anonorpheus, and if I make a mistake, I am sure my Brother will correct me, but we usually have a meeting of the minds.

I have not researched the #OpMrsYang issue, and have not come to any conclusions. Both @Anonorpheus and I are working extremely hard on #StopSweWolfHunt and other issues, and we are both d0xing abusers, and developing a training program to bring new members into #d0xteamsix.

It is my belief that if both sides of the MrsYang issue, agree that animal abuse is bad, and that we need to fight abusers, there are many, many animals being abused and slaughtered worldwide. We need to agree to disagree  on Mrs Yang, and work side by side on things like the wolf slaughter in Sweden, Norway, France, USA, etc. We need to work side by side on the abuse of marine mammals, of elephants, of many animals in zoos worldwide. We need to work side by side in exposing the horrors of factory farms, and raising chickens in such abnormal conditions they are eating their own feces, and fighting each other, pecking each other to death.

Neither Orph nor I meant to disparage any Animal Rights Activists / Advocates, nor to try to influence people to favor one side or the other of this issue. We work with ARAs and Anons worldwide, and we have one goal…that is the protection of animals, and the exposure and prosecution of abusers.

My view is that getting stuck on whether one woman is good or bad, is like arranging deck chairs while the Titanic is sinking.

Every minute spent arguing on a public timeline emboldens abusers as they see we are not a united group, and is a minute that could have been used in d0xing abusers, lobbying to change laws where abuse of animals are felonies worldwide.

It is our hope that both sides would either find a private room to present their evidence, if they wish to continue arguing, or, to block each other and in that way, stop the back and forth that is not helping ARAs in the least.

So…in closing, we (Orph and I) have chosen not to take sides on this issue. We offer respect to both sides, and hope that they will respect OUR decisions to go after the battles in which we feel we can make a difference.

I really am at an end of knowing what more to say, or how to better settle this, other than to respectfully request that however both sides decide to handle the issue, we would hope you can do it civilly, with respect for each other, but ultimately, please respect the request of me and my Brother Orph, not to be dragged into a debate when we are busy with our own battles trying to help other animals.

Thank you.



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