The OpMrsYang Poison

What would animal abusers most like to see ? They would like to see the ARAs arguing, questioning each other’s motives, questioning the validity of other ARAs, and even trolling and d0xing each other.

Enter the #OpMrsYang poison. To be crystal clear….I’ve never been a part of #OpMrsYang. I may have RTed some people who posted about it when it started out because they are fellow ARAs and I wanted to help them. That said, I’ve seen this whole #OpMrsYang become a poison, a wedge issue.

People have tried to force me to take sides on #OpMrsYang , but I refuse to do it. For the sake of the whole ARA cause, I have tried to mediate between the two sides. I have told BOTH sides, if you cannot work with the ARAs on the other side (whether you or for or against Mrs Yang, whoever the hell she is) you should block each other, although, working together on other issues is preferred.

Lately, I’ve heard that my stance has caused some cowards behind my back to question me and ask if I am a fraud, because I didn’t bathe in the pool of hate they have opted to stagnate in.

To be clear, I’ve had extended conversations via DM with BOTH sides. I find that both sides clearly care about animals…not just dogs, but ALL animals. For that reason, I have stayed friends with people on both sides of the OpMrsYang issue.

I am unfortunately able to see animal abuse, not just of dogs…but pretty much every animal on this planet, at one time or another, is abused directly or indirectly by the actions of humans. Factory farms, wolf culls, Taiji Bay and the Dolphins, whaling, the Orcas at Seaworld, lions hunted for sports, tigers hunted for sports, the cat slaughter in Australia….the list goes on and on, and I have even started on the horrible images of sadistic monsters torturing and killing helpless animals in every country on Earth.

While you who are fighting over this #OpMrsYang issue, I get DMs every day of people doing horrible things to animals and asking me for help. I get DMs about pedos, stalkers, rapists…it goes on and on.

You who are involved in this “war” over #OpMrsYang, have focused on one tree…but have become blinded to the forest of trees around you.

I believe both sides have people who love animals, are concerned about their abuse, and
honestly are trying to make a difference….but, this ONE issue, has divided the ARA community such that we have become paralyzed to do anything to help the millions of other animals begging for our help…animals in zoos, puppy farms, everywhere.

And here’s another thing. I befriend and am friends with people I like, people who I believe are good people….and people seem to want me to distance myself from anyone who is not on “their” side of the #OpMrsYang poison.

I have asked certain individuals, without mentioning names. to stop the fighting, and in DMs, have received their word, they will stop trolling the other side. Now, if you go back on your word…that doesn’t hurt me at all, but, it makes your oath, your word, meaningless. Your word, your bond, your agreement must actually MEAN something, and when you break it…you have betrayed yourself.

If someone calls me a “fraud”…that’s on them. The mountain does not defend itself if an anthill says it does not reach toward the clouds.

I have wasted so much time on talking and writing about this wedge that the #OpMrsYang issue has driven deep into our ARA community, it does anger me, because either people are not listening, or don’t care what I say, and I only want people around me who give me the same respect I give them.

I try daily to respond to tweets and DMs, in spite of what is going on in my life. But, this #OpMrsYang poison…has gotten way the hell out of hand. I know others in my #d0xteamsix team who are also extremely tired of this bullshit, and one of my closest brothers has already spoken out in pastes and in tweets. He and I agree that our work to stop the slaughters of wolves, d0xing other animal abusers, is what WE focus on…not this backstabbing, trolling that people are doing about the OMY issue.

My eyes are set on specifically, stopping the culls that needlessly slaughter wolves, dolphins, and in Australia now, cats.

I am who I am. I have NEVER said I was nice or perfect. In fact, I regularly admit I’m an asshole, a loudmouthed Viking Pyrate Anon who may step on a few feelings, if one gets feelings hurt by the Truth. But, every minute you spend on trolling, doxing, arguing, making fun of, carrying on Group DMs about #OpMrsYang, FOR OR AGAINST her…is a minute you could have actually done something positive, something to help OTHER animals. I retweet daily, animal shelters around the country who show pictures of wonderful dogs and cats who will die the next day.  Perhaps, if you have nothing else to do by argue about #OpMrsYang, you could adopt one of these and actually make a huge difference in the life of one dog or cat by giving them a permanent forever home and lots of love. I certainly have done that and love my cats with all my heart.

So, you can call me a fake or a fraud…you can say bad things about me because I refuse to drink either the red koolaid or blue koolaid…and I don’t care. My eyes are on the prize….helping as many animals as I can worldwide.

Those who truly know me…know that is true. I’ve been here for years. I don’t “protect my tweets”…though I will block douchebag trolls, because my time is better spent doing something to help the innocents, humans or animals, than engage with someone whose life is built around upsetting people, getting a rise out of people.

So, daily I get attacked by ISIS sympathizers, trolls, pedo sympathizers, and others.
But, I stay here and fight…not because it is fun, but because if I don’t speak out for some cats in Australia or lions in Africa, there are too many arguing and issuing ad hominem attacks on #OpMrsYang who couldn’t be bothered to help some poor cat that a Veterinarian shot through the head with an arrow. If you want to troll someone,
go after Sabrina Corgatelli, Jan Seski, Walter Palmer, Gary Goodfried, Timothy Sappington, or the many other people that I have d0xed personally AND d0xed with my team #d0xteamsix.  The poor animals that died at their bloody hands died for nothing.

So, where are the ARAs who COULD bring some form of retribution to these people ?
Are they huddled in little chat rooms laughing about other ARAs who happen to be on the other side of the #OpMrsYang issue than them.

I have gotten so sick of all this bullshit, I started to just say “Fuck it” and take a break for a few days…but, since there are so many wrapped up in keeping this #OpMrsYang war going…there would be few to go after the many other cases of Abuse.

If there were not for really courageous people like @CarolaAnkar who literally put her body between a hunters rifle and a wolf, there would be no opposition to the wholesale slaughter of wolves in Sweden. The same can be said about people involved in fighting for elephants, marine mammals, as well as trying to monitor the horrors of factory farming.

I am NOT trying to be an asshole about it…though I often am an asshole…lol.

But, I refuse to abandon those animals I can help, to waste time with the Hatfields and McCoys arguing over a stolen pig….or as in Gulliver’s Travels, people arguing over which end of the egg you crack. I know that analogy will set people off because of their passion about the #OpMrsYang issue.

But, you who are just spending hour after hour, day after day, grinding stones into dust over #OMY are not winning anything as far as I can tell. You are just making enemies, and making enemies of people you should call Friends and Allies.

So, if you want to get angry at me because I refuse to waste what little time I have arguing with people over a situation I am not involved in…go ahead.

I’ll be here, helping people who need my help as I do every day, and trying to stop useless slaughter of animals, as I do every day.

Thanks for reading this.



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