Dog needing hip

One of my followers has a dog that was hit by a car and left in the road…hip broken, large bloody wound in the side. They took the dog in, treated him as best as possible, and though he does try to get around,the lack of a functioning pelvis or at least, hemipelvis
is constantly a problem.

I know there are Veterinary Training Hospitals, and other scientific facilities currently working with 3D printing of bones, body  parts.

This would represent a new challenge for the technology. The owner has x-rays of his current situation. The lady us not rich, so, it would need to be done pro bono by the university or hospital or whatever facility.

That said, as a proof of concept operation, it could herald a new avenue of helping many very injured dogs (and pets in general) that previously were given up as untreatable.

If you are involved in this kind of research, or know someone is….please contact me and I can put you in touch with the owner.

I think this sounds like a win/win all the way around. PR for the university would get stories nationally and internationally, and, this poor dog would be helped immensely.

Thank you for reading this.



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