Final Statement on #OpMrsYang

First off…I wish you could see my DM box for the last 24 hours. What is abundantly clear is that many people have devoted much of their time on this one issue, and there has become a war between the Pro #OpMrsYang and the Anti #OpMrsYang groups.

I was sent a truly impressive document giving the timeline of the people involved, citations about their character, credentials,court documents….and this document alone must have taken many hours, if not days to is complex and yet, they have documentation to document each of their allegations. All this was anti-notodogmeat.

I’ve also received impassioned pleas and information from the Pro Mrs Yang crowd.

I did not in ANY way mean to make the #OpMrsYang movement to lose any members last night and I invite you to re-join them if you truly feel this is a good cause.

But, as an outsider looking in,this issue, whatever the merits of it, it is tearing ARA community apart. As with Anons, the only thing we have going for us is unity and the ability to mobilize people.

I cannot, and will not judge Mrs Yang, nor her supporters. China has a long history of bad treatment of animals, all  kinds of animals. As their economy gets worse, food getting scarce will lead to killing and eating more dogs. Historically in China, during the Great Famine, where the trees were stripped of their bark,family dogs were killed and eaten, and yes, even babies were eaten. 45 million people died in that famine. Things are getting worse in China as we speak.

If Mrs Yang is a poor Chinese woman who is singly taking care of dogs and using her money,that is one thing. I know I go without food at times (and tell my wife I’m not hungry) so I can get catfood. But, this paper sent to me, lays out a broad spiderweb network of people who, it would seem from the papers, do not have the heart of Mrs Yang.

I will be the first to say…I don’t really know the facts of the case , because I don’t want to be involved in any way. Both sides are free to present their cases and let people decide whether they want to get involved. I personally told @OpMrsYang that I did not want to be the reason anyone left their group. Anyone who left solely because of me, I beg you to go back and work for what you believe in.

Yesterday, I started on Effexor, a prescription drug for serious clinical depression. I took one at home the night i got the meds, but when i woke up, i remember he said “take in the morning”…so I took another one…less than 24 hours apart.    Perhaps too much t0o soon.

My passion is helping abused animals, and exposing abusers. Our cr3w is #d0xteamsix

Both @Anonorpheus and I co-founded it, and we are pleased to say we have more recruits this morning entering our training programs.

So, the reason for all this is to say I am officially not part of #OpMrsYang, NOR am I part of any group opposing them. I’m like Switzerland…I’m staying Neutral.

That said, I think both groups should put their best case for what they believe on two blogs or websites, and let the public decide who they think is right.

In closing, I appreciate everyone who jumps to my aid and supports me. I really touches my heart that people care about me.

You will note my writing style is a bit more laid back…I took my 3rd dose of Effexor a few hours ago, and although it is supposed to take two weeks, the fact I’ve lost a lot of weight (mainly fat), may effect how strong its effect on me will be.

Because of last night, I really left feeling bad, and didn’t intend on coming back, but a dear sweet friend of mine is going through tough times, and travelling ,and they said that me,just being here,gives them a feeling of reassurance…when everything else in their world is crumbling. So, i came here to support her during her time of need…AND to wish @ProzacThe a happy birthday 🙂

So, in closing, please dont send me long diatribes against OpMrsYang for or against her because I won’t read them.

I have friends on both side, and know them to be ARAs and that they care deeply about animals.  But, the whole world is full of abuse from factory farming and medical testing by the cosmetic industry, to weird sadists who shoot domestic cats in the head, holding it up and posting it on FB (Kristen Erin Lindsey).

We need to stop the wholesale slaughter of cats in Australia, the hunting of endangered wolves in Sweden, Norway, France,and the USA as well.

The widespread nature of animal abuse worldwide, and while my heart goes out to an elderly Chinese woman taking care of dogs….we could use more united help on many of these other issues involving marine mammals, elephants and other zoo animals, illegal hunting, factory farming methods of chicken production, and more, and welcome people from all over the world to identify abuse, and help us identify him or them.

And, in closing, I apologize to anyone I offended, temporarily blocked, or said rude things to, and ask your forgiveness about it.

Thanks for reading this,


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