Leave me the Fuck out of OpMrsYang

I want something to be clear. I am not part of OpMrsYang for or against.  I want to be friends with fellow ARAs. I have never d0xed a fellow Anon and never will. I have friends on both sides of the issues, and people have sent me page after page trying to prove the other side is bad.

You are driving people out of ARA movement with this fucking one Op.

I consider @OpMrsYang AND @AliceSusanHarding my friends, but their feuding makes it impossible to just talk about any other topics,and believe it or not, there ARE animals who need our help all over the world.

Last night, I was simply responding to what I thought were attacks at me, but have been told I misunderstood them,and if so, I sincerely apologize, but, and let me be clear, I never meant to attack the OP or people in it.

I honestly don’t know enough about it to discuss it, but it has become a festering
sore on the face of the animal rights movement.

I am not a pawn for either side. I don’t want either side to use my name against the other party. It should not be a situation that I cannot be friends with two people at the same time.

I heard that @OpMrsYang was d0xed. That was despicable and should not have happened.
Doxing should be reserved for animal abusers, not used against people who sincerely
are trying to help animals. But, via DMs, I have had both sides demonize each other.
If it were not for this Mrs Yang issue, we could work together saving dolphins, wolves, elephants, cats in Australia….we could do so much good if we worked together.

So, I humbly ask both sides to quit either trying to recruit me or demonize me or whatever. If anyone left the #OpMrsYang team because of me, I honestly ask you to return to the group if you feel that they are doing good. If you left for your own reasons. then that is your decision. But I WILL NOT be a scapegoat for anyone.

I have tried…via hours of convos, via blog posts, to mediate the two groups…to suggest they just present their evidence and block each other if they cannot get along.

If you are set on fighting over and over month after month, then waste your time.

I have work trying to save dolphins, wolves,cats, and other creatures I am trying to save and have no time for feuding with anyone …its a time wasting enterprise.

Thank you for reading.




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