A few parting thoughts from Anon 99

I came to Twitter to help Occupy Wall Street, and did that….but I saw that Anonymous was doing good things and having been online a while, and being a lone wolf at heart, I became an Anon. My main object was to help people and animals, and to the extent possible, I did. I had no reason to lie, as Oscar Wilde said, give a man a mask and he will tell the truth. My honesty and the fact I was always willing to try to help people, as well as posting music and news, apparently appealed to people because I ended with 62,000
followers. That made me a target for trolls, ISIS, and some Anons who just didn’t like me
but, above all, i stayed true to helping people and animals and I am proud of the work I
did in #D0xteamsix. They are a wonderful group of people, even one who apparently hates me now…he’s a fine person as well.

I don’t know what led to the final attack on me…who coordinated it, but, i have to wonder what good you thought you accomplished. Daily,in my DMs, I had people asking fIr help because they felt I was the only one who cared. Where do they go now?

Many Anons came and went, haxing crews came and went while I was there…I stayed even when my Mom was dying….the worst thing I ever had happen to me. There were days when I had to force myself to go to Twitter because what I felt like, was ending my life. But I did it because I couldn’t stand the thoughts of animals being slaughtered or people being hurt.

I dunno what Anons were becoming at the end. Some were d0xing each other, like piranha
in a feeding frenzy.

There were some wonderful people on Twitter, people who believe in high ideals. But, in my case, for some reason, they were ready to d0x me as the worst animal abuser possible.
In fact, if they had used the zeal they used against me, against real animal abusers, perhaps things would be better for animals.

I am not in a good frame of mind. It hurts to have people you helped, people who thought were your friends, attack you.

But, such is life I guess. But, like me or hate me, I didn’t lie to you.

John / ex-Anon






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