My Own Rules as an Anon

I guess I’m not an Anon now…but here’s the rules I set for myself when I was.

1) Help protect the innocents whether they are animals, children, men or women.
Speak out for those who are voiceless. Use your vote for those who cannot.  Use your
strength for innocents weaker than you. Empower those who are bullied.

2) Expose abusers. Whether they are trophy hunters, sadistic torturers of animals,
people sexually abusing children, bring them out of the darkness and into the light and urge the police to prosecute them.

3) Support your fellow Anon brothers and Sisters. This can mean many things, but overall,
it means to stand with and behind your Anon family. It also means to defend them from malicious lies told behind their backs.

4) Never d0x a fellow Anon. I think there are enough groups like trolls and ISIS trying to do that. D0xing a fellow Anons destroys unity, and that’s the one thing we have going for us.

5) Be kind and caring. Many Anons are young ,have no family to speak of, and need a group to call family. For some, we Anons are it. Take into account that a young person’s life is hard these days . Bullies,guns, all kind of pressures.

6) Trust your gut. If you have known an Anon for years, and someone fabricates screenshots or lies about them, and approached you trying to destroy them, stop and think for a second, why are they doing this to someone who has helped me, stood up for me, and been there for me through thick and thin.

7) Be PART of the HIVE, not king of the Hive. I  have said for the record that I am no better than the newest Noob…and that is true. As a collective,we all are one…no big kings and little peasants.

8) Try to treat people with respect. I know our history was trolls on 4Chan, but we have evolved, grown up, become socially responsible. Unless someone has earned your disrespect by what they said or did to you, start off from a basis of respect.

9) Equality of brothers and sisters. Males are NOT superior to females in the Hive, and it is wrong to act condescending to females or use the”c” word without sufficient provocation (even then,its bad).

10) Be an ambassador of Anonymous. Many people don’t know what or who we are beyond us dd0sing or haxing sites. My vision for Anonymous is, and always has been, that we are “Change Agents” in our countries. We should work to right wrongs, fight injustice,and to hold accountable, those in power,who abuse that power, steal money,
and are not held accountable for it. If we quit infighting, and work together, we CAN
make a difference. But d0xing each other is something feds or would do.

And lastly, I want to thank a few people who inspired me…some of them may not be well liked,but they served as models for me.

A) @OccupyWallStNYC
B) @YourAnonNews
C) @CommanderXanon
D) @GreggHoush
F) @MattDeHart
G) @BarrettBrown
H) @JeremyHammond
I) @AnonIntelGroup
J) @Anonorpheus
K) @CarolaAnkar
L) AaronSwarz (RIP)
M) @PatrickLee6669
N) @WhiteAngora
O) @Tkrypt_
P) @LiamPhuckall
Q) @CanadianGlen
R) @therealsuzn
S) @Johnnyargent
T) @ UnknownH4X0R
U) @NotOnTwtr
V) @ProudVegan
W) @_An0nymou5_
X) @anoncdn
Y) @GroupAnon
Z) @anonymous_uk15
and last but not least
Z2) @karen_dileo
I wish I could list thousands,and do not in any way mean to slight folks I left out…each person or group, is listed for it sown reasons. They have remained true to the cause…have not faltered in spite of personal difficulties. and though not all are Anons, they ARE now and forever will be,my brothers and sisters. They have stuck by me through thick an thin
and their loyalty will NEVER be forgotten.

But I want to add one addendum. My DMs were always busy,people asking for help which I tried to give. People would say “I know you’re busy….but….”and those who asked me can testify I said,”I’m never too busy to help”.

Anons are leaving. and, no one knows why it is happening or exactly who is to blame.

The effectiveness of Anons to do teh work we do, is having a Guy Fawkes mask between us and the world. If you d0x an Anon, and you are an Anon, your attack has just cost us one more of the Legion. Pretty soon, we will NOT be a Legion,just one single Lego.

I  can tell you,from my DMs, we are many people’s only hope….the police won’t help, the FBI won’t help…that’s why they come to us.

Whether the defamatory and libelous attacks on me have destroyed my,
“Street Cred” in Anonymous…my words ring true to anyone paying attention.

Anonymous can ONLY be destroyed from within…not without.

And, whoever is doing these d0xes of decent Anons, are destroying us.

We are losing the respect the #OldFags tried so hard to build.

So, notice closely who is fomenting trouble,attacking established Anons.

They are a bigger threat than the NSA, Feds,FBI, ISIS,will ever be.






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