The Possible End of Anonymous if Things Don’t Change

The Possible End of Anonymous if Things Don’t Change

Infighting will ultimately destroy Anonymous.

Anonymous is rare among groups. We have no official leaders. We have no official
apprenticeship program by which beginners learn the tools, the language, the culture
of Anons, though,there are some great Anons who are trying to do more than their fair
share to acculturate and help #NewBloods develop skills and learn Anon slang.

Anonymous went from a bunch of trolls on 4Chan, to a serious force for social change,
and during that evolution, part of what we learned was that our power, lay in our unity.
For people who rarely know their fellow Anons except by their handles, and given that
literally anyone can start a Twitter account and incorporate the word “Anon” in it, it
is remarkable that given the number of people calling themselves Anons, that more are not just people seeking thrills or the cache of being called a member of Anonymous.

I have friends who are not officially Anons, but do great work helping poor, helping animals,doing community service. When I started on Twitter, I associated myself with @OccupyWallStNYC and am STILL very proud of that association. The press attacked Occupy, saying that the lack of one leader, and the lack of stated goals, was the reason that Occupy did not accomplish more.

They have tried to apply the same standards to Anonymous (the idea AND the Collective), but some of us have tried to enumerate our goals…with regard to freedom of ideas, a real change in the availability of health care AND dental care, in a single payer, or “Medicare for All” so that decent health care will become a right, and not just a privilege of the rich or those blessed with jobs which offer good insurance coverage. We have stressed that information should be free, and that laws about Copyright should not be used to drive someone like Aaron Swartz to suicide from the prosecution by politically ambitious prosecutors.

We have pointed out the futility of the war on drugs,specifically marijuana, in a country that has more people in prison than just about any other country, and in federal prisons, almost one in every two prisoners is there for a drug related offense.

We have seen things like asset forfeitures used by law enforcement to deprive citizens of cars, money, houses, land, and often, without being found guilty of anything. We have also seen small business people who had all their money taken because their deposits were regularly under 10 (ten) thousand dollars. The greed and corruption in government, including law enforcement is pervasive. The majority of congress people are millionaires. We are also seeing police killing humans and animals daily, often without any good reason, and even more often, in outrageous circumstances.

We are seeing abuse of all kinds of animals on a worldwide basis…in the trophy trade, in factory farms, individual sadistic people killing and torturing innocent animals, animals used in dangerous cosmetics testing, the slaughtering of dolphins, dogs, cats, wolves, worldwide.

We are aware of human trafficking, sexual abuse of children, bestiality, and because of money and power, these are often covered up.

We are seeing Veterans who are homeless, who kill themselves at a rate of about one an hour…men and women we asked to put their lives on the line in our service,and yet, are not often receiving the proper treatment for physical OR emotional issues.

We are aware that allegations have been made that in the past, electronic manipulation of voting was attempted, and there is a story that Anonymous actually presented the stealing of the election.

There are even smaller, and more specialized problems which Anons are focusing on…some specific to one person.

The point is that Anons have, in our non-regimented way, started and carried forward with #Ops, operations,to try to bring these problems to light and to try to force those in power to do something to change them. Often,we have not only done this without help from law enforcement, but in spite of their interference and attempts to infiltrate us, and to do things under the name “Anon” that might bring negative publicity to us. Slowly though, I saw many in the public change their opinions of us from trolls to people who are actually a force for good, people trying to initiate the public to demand change.

But, all of the above requires a couple of things…that is, we must work together, helping each other, and we should not fight, d0x, troll each other. I personally have been contacted by people who wanted to be Anons, but amid the d0xing, trolling, etc., did not want to join a group in which they, just because they got in the wrong group or click, might become a target.

Twitter is a great organizing tool….a great social networking tool. But, here lately, it seems to me that things are falling apart. We Anons have always been targets for trolls, law enforcement, ISIS, etc…but when people you call your “brother” betray your trust, you can no longer feel you can trust any Anon with sensitive information, nor plan any Op that is borderline legal. It is this atmosphere of feuding, fighting, name calling, trolling, d0xing, that is, in my opinion, literally killing Anonymous.

Why should I care ? I care because day after day, I get DMs from people being stalked, trolled, attacked in every way possible, I get people showing me pictures of animals , lovely innocent domestic peoples being killed and tortured, I get relatives asking for help because someone is stalking a loved one, or a cop killed a loved one without good reason, and they have already tried appealing to the “officials” and have been dismissed, as if officials don’t care. I have literally had people tell me that Anonymous is their last hope, their only hope.

So,when the attacks one on one, the d0xing of people who were friends, the death threats , do destroy what was once a hope for social change, what then ? Do you think the NSA, FBI, or your local cops are gonna step in and make things right ?

I have sent messages to some of the larger Anons accounts with the same message I am presenting here. We may be able to resist attacks from without, but we will never be able to resist attacks from within our own #Anonfamily.

I have no answers, but before a problem can be fixed, we must identify it.

We must stop attacking people who we are supposed to be working with or we WILL become a footnote in history.

Thanks for reading this.


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