My View of Anonymous at this Point

As an Anon, I have made it no secret that I support my Anonymous Brothers and Sisters.
I also am an animal advocate, but would be that, no matter whether Anonymous existed, Occupy existed, or any other group. My love for our other creatures that share this planet has been a life long one.

Anonymous, by its very nature, has no real method of vetting, of verifying the people who adopt the Guy Fawkes mask, and insert the word “Anon” in their Twitter or Facebook handle. We have no “leader”, no “official outlet”, no official apprenticeship program (though #OpNewBlood is the closest we have to that). This makes us perhaps the easiest group in the world to infiltrate by all sorts of groups.

My own involvement with Anonymous has been to help my fellow Anons, but in most ways, I am a lone wolf , outside of becoming an official “Ops” member. The exception(s) are that I was certainly a part of #OpGuZoo… and we won that fight, and my participation with fighting wolf slaughter in Sweden, Norway, France, USA, and other countries.

I have also fought against police who brutalize and/or kill citizens for no legitimate reason, and have helped in #OpISIS (and become a target of ISIS for it), helped in #OpBeast, helped in #OpTaiji (where dolphins has been slaughtered in Taiji Cove in Japan for decades), helped in #OpDeathEaters, but without being an “official” member.
I also am pro-Veteran, and have tried to help such associations as Wounded Warriors,
Warrior Dog Foundation, and others.

I have been clear that I am not a particularly nice person, in fact, I can be an asshole at times, and have, when I have discovered I did so without good reason, tried to apologize as best as I could, and re-friend those I felt I had treated badly, if they would again accept my friendship. Though I might not be considered very “nice”, I do care deeply about my fellow human beings, especially the 99% and of course, about animal welfare.

I have tried as best as I could, to be truthful about my feelings, sometimes, making enemies for doing so, but I aim to tell the truth, or at least, the truth as I see it.

I don’t understand what is going on with Anonymous right now. There are Anons d0xing Anons, Anons issuing death threats, Anons going after citizens, trolling females, etc.

I don’t see how we can survive as a viable movement, even if Anonymous is an idea and cannot die, many people use the term “Anonymous” to describe the Hive, the Collective,
a general term for Anons as a group.

I’ve always stressed the importance of Anonfamily, but if one cannot trust fellow Anons,
how can we have a friendship, let alone family. Those Anons who are loyal, have integrity,
care about humans and animals, and who show Respect and Love to fellow Anons, do constitute an “Anonfamily”, but, there are many people who are blaming New Anons for all the negative things that are going on. Sure, there are #NewBloods getting involved in these feuds, wars, trolling attacks, etc., but there are Anons who have been in the Hive long enough not to be called a #NewBlood who are attacking fellow Anons who have done nothing to them.

I care about Anonymous because I care about innocents, and believe, with cops who kill citizens, animals, children, and brutalize them, with some cops very corrupt, when an innocent is stalked, attacked, killed, etc., the police are no longer an organization that we can look to for justice. That is not saying there are not good cops out there, there are. It’s just that the many corrupt cops, corrupt DAs, corrupt judges, corrupt Sheriffs, often drive out the good ones, or are prominent for the overtly unjust things they render unto citizens who deserve justice.

Will the world continue without Anonymous ? Sure. But, should Anons disappear, the many people who look to us as the final source of help, will be left helpless. Anonymous is unique in that we started out as trolls on 4Chan, and evolved into a social movement that sought to genuinely help people worldwide. We developed into a group where someone in Sweden, who would never meet someone in Texas, suddenly, through our involvement with trying to protect wolves, can become friends.

Do I matter ? In the broad view of Anonymous, No. I am just one man who started out to try to make a difference , to help abused animals and people, and to try my best to adhere to what I saw as the principles of Anonymous. I certainly am not perfect. I have made mistakes, and have tried to make things right, during a time in my life when I am having a very stressful, hard time, just making it day to day.

But, I do know Anons who can no longer tolerate the infighting, the warrantless attacks,
the trolling, etc. I know because they DM me and indicate they are leaving and why they are leaving. These are good people. They were good Anons. They were Anons who could be trusted, they loved animals, had integrity, and loved Anonfamily.

But, are we going to fall victim to the same thing that has happened to police, i.e. that the bad drive out the good ? I don’t know, but I do know that the same kinds of forces that push out good cops from police forces nationwide, are pushing good Anons out of the Hive.  Many have opted not to speak out any more, for fear that they might offend a group, an Op, or another Anon, and then, they become a target.

Fighting among Anons has always happened. We have never been a 100% peaceful group, but in the past, often there were back and forth insults on the Timeline, often resulting from a misunderstood post, and then eventually, the two parties reconciled their differences and became friends again.

Fabrication of negative comments, DMs, etc. is being used to drive a wedge between Anon friends. The question that arises is “Who does this benefit?” and “Why is this being done?”.  The ultimate effect of all this will be to alienate Anons from each other, to cause one Anon to mistrust, even hate an Anon that has long been their friend, solely based on faked, photoshopped “evidence”,  and ultimately, it will sew the seeds of our end as a viable group. If hate, mistrust, disloyalty, trolling, violence, threats, replace respect, love, cooperation, solidarity, hope, goals…then we are lost.

The terms #MuchLuv, #Respect, #Anonfamily will be things of the past…as we Anons become a footnote in the history of resistance movements in the USA. Whether these disruptive Anons are involved in a power grab, whether they are federal agents who
are trying to destroy us…whether they are ISIS members who speak English, and who created Anon accounts to sew discord, in the end, will have the same effect.

We still are able to step back from the edge. We can still have mediators who can bring groups together, but at some point, the Hive, the Collective, must regain its importance,
respect, cordiality, friendship, cooperation, must drive out the hate, mistrust, egotism,
lies, and all the other negative things that now threaten to drive us apart.

We are Legion if we regain the ability to trust fellow Anons. Some will say “Trust no one”, and I admit that lately, I have wondered, who CAN be trusted.  Trust is something that involves some level of danger because it involves an unknown quantity. When all you have is a handle, a picture avi, and tweets, to have trust, one must believe the person has some degree of honesty, some degree of honor, some degree of integrity.

We must each examine where we are as Anons, where we are as people,  where we are as a group…and do those things to marginalize the people who seem intent on destroying
Anonymous…and their fellow Anons.

Thank you for reading.





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