Has Anonymous Made a Difference ?

As an Anon for a while, it was a question I asked myself daily…have we as Anons really changed anything…have we made the world better….have we started the process of prosecution of bad guys.

My team, #d0xteamsix (along with my co-founding Brother @Anonorpheus) d0xed lots of trophy hunters, lots of abusers, but it seems that even though we identify them, expose them, the justice system does little to mete out justice that is proportional to their crimes.

We d0xed Walter Palmer, Sabrina Corgatelli, Jan Seski, Gary Goodfried, and so many more doctors, people in universities, surgeons, dentists, who spent their disposable time and income murdering beautiful animals, for the sadistic “thrill of the hunt”. Cecil was a national treasure, and it appears Walter Palmer has gone “scot free”.

Sure, we can DDoS sites, hax email servers, etc., but these things are quickly brought back to normal operation. We can hax email servers, as some group did with Sony, and the emails were more damning that DD0Sing servers, but again, nothing really changes.

We have protested the Swedish wolf hunts, Norwegian wolf hunts, French and US wolf culls / kills, but are we making substantive changes ?

My own view, which may be different from others, is that l, laws, rules, regulations must change before real protection of these wonderful animals is made real….whether we are talking about the dolphins at Taiji, or the wolves in the Varmland…the slaughter of beautiful animals must be made illegal, and then, and only then, can we push for arrests, and if civil laws change as well, groups may bring civil cases against hunting groups.

Sadly though, the only time we Anons get much press is when we knock a site offline, hack into emails, deface a front page…but it is a one day article, and gone as soon as the IT guy or gal restores the site from a backup.

The tough thing is that most of these hunters are rich assholes, many own companies that benefit from the hunting industries, selling jackets, shells, guns, glasses, caps, camouflage outfits, animal calls, perhaps wolf or bear urine, etc.

As usual, “Follow the Money”.

From MY perspective, it is sad that Lion murderer Walter Palmer is still going to work, unbothered, given the past charges of illegal hunting, recent allegations of his neighbors land. He should be a pariah, marginalized, people in stores should avoid him, his patients should find another dentist…because, who wants a murderers (killer’s) hands in your mouth, and their evil breath on your face.

The list of people who go out and slaughter beautiful animals “for fun” is long. Sabrina Corgatelli, Jan Seski, Gary Goodfried, the last two being MDs who perhaps started their Hippocratic Oath with Primum Non Nocere “First Do No Harm”…..doesnt not respect “do not harm to humans….its just says “First, Do No Harm.”

From my limited view, it will take a three pronged attack…laws must change, people must start treating these people for the slaughterers they are, and boycotts, financial consequences must follow all these people slaughtering wolves for the fun of it.

I will never understand getting pleasure from killing an innocent animal. Even pests like fire ants, mosquitoes, I feel bad for ending their lives.

The way for us to make serious changes is to cooperate, form large organizations that can lobbying Congress, let them know that animal welfare is a make or break issue. When they realize they could lose their office for not protecting animals, we will begin to see things change. ARA teams must STOP infighting, embrace each other as friends, and work together.

Thanks for reading this.



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