Should Anonymous Adopt Any Rules?

From the very inception of Anonymous, we have been anti-establishment, and our strength has been in both our Anonymity, and in out non-hierarchical “non-structure”.
The de-differented nature of Anonymous has worked to our benefit in like the internet itself, the distributed nature, made it fairly impossible to take us down. The closest they ever came was the turning of Sabu (Hector Xavier Monsegur) and there were those such as Jeremy Hammond, who ended up going to prison because Sabu knew enough about him to lead him into being identified.

This is an unfortunate comparison, but prior to Prohibition, the gangs on the Streets of New York, didn’t have much power, and were unable to make much in the way of gaining power, because small individual gangs were fighting each other over turf. It was only after the founding of the Five Families, that some semblance of peace and progress was made.

Of course, it’s an unfortunate comparison to make because the mob was about physical violence, making money,etc. , and ultimately, many of the bosses were murdered by underlings.

But, before we abandon the notion of any rules,let’s think about some issues that are ongoing right now. First off, literally anyone, regardless of what kind of person they are, regardless if they are a pedo, rapist, animal abuser, can create an Anon account, grab a Guy Fawkes picture…write our credo in their bio , and we, being the trust type, are quick to welcome them with open arms, even teaching them how to d0x and hax.

And, we get complaints of certain “Anons” harassing our Anon sisters.

When any Anon can start any Op, even one directed at a fellow Anon, can make any statement to the media as if he or she is actually our representative or spokesperson.
this creates serious problems in the hive.

Right now, we are seeing Anons doxing other Anons…trolling other Anons, and we are start losing the respect of many citizens because we appear to be cannibals, attacking each other, attacking civilians.

I have always said that the non-organized, no hierarchy plan of Anonymous has made us successful, and difficult to take down. But, that was a different day when we were protective of our #Anonfamily, and although we only knew their handles, we knew them long enough we could trust them.

Some of the attacks we are seeing going on are downright meanspirited, sadistic.
There are accusations of certain Anons being Feds, and once you get labeled with that  term, it’s like being called a witch back in the Salem Witch trials.

I think, at the very least, we need to have a formal method of mediating the wars, feuds,
infighting within Anons, and calling a true, because without a truce, things seem to go
from bad to worse. I don’t want #NewBloods to be driven away because the group they wanted to join that outwardly protects the innocents and exposes the bad people, at its core, is non-stop fighting and attacking, formation of clicks.

I don’t know the answers, nor even if this question is a right one, but I firmly believe that a mediation process, or commission must be established to end this infighting.

Thanks for reading this.



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