Recruiting #NewBloods during Anonyous infighting

Let’s face it, the #OldFags (original Anons) are getting older. Some have hung up their masks to work in information security, some have moved off to work into other areas, and
Anonymous, like any group, must attack new members, new people to fill the attrition created by the ones who have left.

I know I have been contacted by people interested in learning to be an Anon, and there was been a #OpNewBlood training course being conducted by a fine Anon.

But, these kids are not wearing blinders…they see what is happening on  Twitter and facebook. In some respects, becoming an Anon is kind of like entering the armed forces. Your teachers use a language you may not understand, have to impart to you the social and technical aspects. In many ways, there is a formal and yet familial way of speaking to each other which stresses #MuchLuv #Props #Respect, must as younger apprentices of old would use toward mastercraftsmen.

To me, with my Southern heritage, being respectful, friendly, was already in ingrained in me so I had to learn no artificial code of speech or reactions.

What was different back then was that Anons indeed cover each other’s back, if you attacked on Anon, you attacked us all.

But, in the last few months, many of us has seen trolling of anons vs anons, infighting, and often, it is not immediately apparently why a particular Anon was going after Another, but since they were done on the Public timeline, it was there to see. People who were young, who had heard great things of what Anons had done to save animals, or to bring justice where the system did not want to prosecute the perpetrator.

I have seen the change in their desire to join after they see this fighting and d0xing.

They could imagine a scenario in which THEY might accidentally become a target,
even if they jointed Anonymous.

There is, in my opinion, no good outcome to this Anon vs Anon fighting. If your goal is fighting to save animals, you cannot do that very well if you are spending your time fighting and d0xing a fellow Anon who says they too are an animal rights advocate.

Looking down the road, if this behavior, if this trend continues, I can see good Anons leaving (they have told me in DMs of their intent to leave), it will change the nature of Anonymous, and #Anonfamily, something we treasured so much, something we counted on if we were attacked, for support,will either not be there, or it will have changed so much, it will no longer be a group of unified Anons who go after anyone who dares attack an Anon.

When you join the Army, you are taught that you are no one special, and that it is your buddy, your group that you must protect. In some respects, when you join Anonymous, you too agree that you are one of a legion of nameless faces. You are no one special…you
are just another of the giant mass wearing Guy Fawkes mask that makes us Legion,that makes us powerful, that makes us a force to deal with. But now, one “Op” starts to fighting with another “Op” and all our unification and love for fellow Anons goes by the wayside.

I want us to continue to be a force for good…someone who victims can contact after police and everyone else has denied helping…but to do this, we must declare a truce, a real one,
and go back to respecting and loving our fellow Anons.

Whether I stay or go, I want each Anon to reflect on what I have said, because I don’t want all the hard work and sacrifices that #OldFags” gave,to finally get us to the point where so many of the population look at as the “good guys” to be done away with by d0xing and fighting. Just remember, years of hard work can be destroyed in a few minutes of violence.

Thanks for reading this.



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