My Final Statement for a While

I started on Twitter to help @OccupyWallStNYC because, it was the first sign of life, first sign of actual opposition to the fact that the one percent owned the country. I believe, in some small ways, I did help them. I started on Twitter with one follower. I saw Anonymous was making a difference, and decided to make my account an Anon account.

Anons are just humans, and thus, some are good, some are bad. I have been followed by, and follow, some of the best Anons in the world, some of the best people in Occupy, but even more importantly, by some of the best people in the world.

I made friends with an “Anon” who I thought was a decent person. We talked, texted, DMed for a long time. I let him know my name and he gave me his. After you think you have a friend for months, you don’t think they might betray you, lie about you, and dox you. I’ve doxed lots of animal abusers…got the home phone and address of Kristen Lindsey  (the Vet who shot Tiger, a domestic cat through the head with an arrow and posted it, grinning, on Facebook)  when no one else could, and even got DMs from fellow d0xers who congratulated me on that.

I and a friend co-founded #D0xTeamSix, with the idea of going after animal abusers worldwide. Soon, we had many members, trainees,and applicants. One that we allowed in, also portrayed himself to me as a friend, giving me a number to call if I did not hear from him. I will NOT give out that number. Nor, will I reveal the very personal information my original friend told me during 0ur first phone call….because, as an Anon, my belief is you do not d0x fellow Anons…especially, if you already know their name, phone number, etc.
That’s not d0xing, that’s just copying down stuff you have already been given.

Daily, yes daily, I receive requests for help….pretty much everything you can think of from celebrities being stalked, to people wanting to know the best VPN, to people asking me to hax some account (I don’t hax anymore and haven’t for years).

I am, first and foremost, and animal advocate, but I had NOTHING to do, for or against, that op going on with the lady in China. I have been attacked, been trolled, all around that whole mess, and yes, d0xed because these two “friends” decided that I was a bad person.

My biggest problem as an Anon, was trying to tell the truth, and trying to help people and animals. I think, I have also mediated people who were having feuds from time to time.

I have not lied to you….not lied in either of my GoFundMe accounts. And, the interesting thing is that this “Anon” who “d0xed” me, had ME create HIS GoFundMe account…providing only a picture and an email address.

Could I d0x him? Sure. Anyone who can d0x a trophy hunter living in South Africa, and show a picture of her and her husbands expensive house, can damn sure d0x someone who was supposed to be a friend that I knew for months, perhaps over a year or so.

I’m going to ask you a question….if you had what you thought was the equivalent of a Brother, someone you confided in when you were both losing everything you had, and suddenly, find they turned on you, and were giving out your private information about address, knowing full well you had been placed as an ISIS target…how would you feel
about that person ? Do I have private information on both of the people involved in this “d0x”…yes…but will I not d0x them, because the code of us #OldFag Anons…was you do NOT d0x a fellow Anon, because all we have is our Anonymity.

I have tried to be a good Anon. Today, Sunday, we have less than one hundred dollars in the bank…and I personally have been not eating for last few days. SPOT is doing good, and has become a regular part of the family, so that is more food that has to be accounted for.

When my Mother died…I wanted to die with everything in me. But, I am fatally flawed with loyalty, and could not leave me cats, wife, and my Son and his family with that. I know too many people whose family was left with a huge hole in their lives and hearts from a loved one ending life.

When Mom was on life support…I received great support from many people…around the world, and I thank you. Now, I have to decide what to do with all her things…her clothes, furniture, etc…and as an only child, with my cousin dead, father and step dads dead, Mom dead, these heirlooms are all I have to link me to my past, and I cannot tell you how hard this is.

There were days, when Mom was dying, and I came here to Twitter, that I forced myself to do so. I felt, well, as long as I am helping people, at least I am not sitting there watching Mom hooked to hoses, by hospital staff who just wanted her to die and get it over with.

No one…except my wife, knows how hard I fought the hospital,the “doctors” who pressured me to take her off life support, when all I was doing was fulfilling a promise to my Mom I made decades ago. I had two meetings with the “Ethics” committee, who voted to overrule me and disconnect her…which in Texas,they can do…but two days before they were to do it, a hospital in Dallas agreed to take her, so at least, they did not get the
“satisfaction” of doing that…and in their eyes…”winning”.

If this feels like I am spilling my heart out to you, it’s because it is. I have tried to help people, and when I couldn’t, directed them to either written materials or others who might could help.

Although I had been on the internet a while, long before Anonymous began, when I became part of this collective, I thought I understood the rules. I thought we were working together, and that our power, came from our unity.

There is something very wrong now. I don’t know who is directing it…although I know who are the ground soldiers, carrying out their tasks of slowly but surely, attacking Anons, and trying to destroy them.

Where possible, I have done what good I could. I am tired…not just tired, but “sick at heart”. I am taking a medication for depression, but it kinda makes me feel like a zombie, and I don’t particularly like that.

I have had many good people defend me, and although I do get a chance to thank you one by one, I want to say thank you from my heart right here and now. I have not lied to you, and perhaps, that too is a fatal error in my character…that I hold truth to be important.

I have been writing something that is taking a lot of time, and will be continuing to take time, so, if you don’t get an immediate answer to a DM, it’s because I am slaving away on this other task.

So, there you have it. I truly did take #Anonfamily seriously. People have shared their real names, addresses,phone numbers with me, and I have never,nor will I ever, divulge the people who cared enough to give me a number to call if I wanted to talk. The truth is, this morning, it is hard to talk….sometimes, emotion makes it hard to talk.

If you have every been betrayed by someone you thought you could trust, betrayed in the most cowardly of manners, you can understand what I mean.

Is Anonymous still relevant ? I know many Anons who are hanging up the mask. I know some young folks who wanted to be Anons, but when they saw me being attacked, they said that any group who would attack a member of an #Anonfamily, like I have been attacked, they want no part of.

I care deeply about the wolves, the dolphins,the cats, the dogs, the elephants, all creatures, both domestic and wild, and as I have said many times, if today were my last day on Earth, my last words would be to be kind to animals today, and every day,and try to make their lives better. Some days, the ONLY reason I came here to Twitter, was in hope of RTing a few tweets about saving animals that were going to be euthanized, or to support those opposing the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji and other places, or to try to stop the slaughter of wolves in Sweden, Norway, France, and yes, here in the USA.

I have always said, and I believe this, I am, I was, no better than the newest #NewBlood…
because, at the heart of Anonymous, this is our belief, we are all the same. That is why I have supported #OpNewBlood and those involved in the task of passing down the culture and skills of Anons to those who really want to make a difference.

But, have we made a difference ? I was involved in trying to close #GuZoo, and that finally happened…whether we Anons were a vital part of it, I hope, but one never knows.

For those who are my real friends, and have stood by me, you have my undying thanks.
And, true to the Anon creed, I will never forget your kindness. I know many of you are going through health challenges and financial challenges as well. It seems the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I pray for those who want me to, and for those who don’t want prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, love and light.

I need some time off. In the past year, I have lost most of my loved ones, lost my finances,
and at times, almost lost my mind, or what little is there.

I watched a show called THE BOONIES with my wife last night. One of the people was a guy who lived in caves in Arkansas. During part of the year, there is a monsoon, and much of the tunnels flood. He had his most precious items in one cave, and sure enough, when he got there…although water had started flooding the floor, his most precious possessions were still safe. His most precious possession was a picture of him and his wife. She had died two years ago. He had taken care of her for 15 years while she had Alzheimers. I found tears in my eyes, remembering how hard taking care of Mom with Alzheimers  was, and I said, “Now THAT is dedication and LOVE”.  He began talking about her, how wonderful she was,and how he cherished her smile. He said, she’s not in pain any more, and said that now, she was his Angel.  I understood him.

I hope that Anons see what they are doing. I cannot be a mirror. I cannot be a source of further fighting. I have done my best,and as I have told many people, if you do all you can, then that’s all you can do. I have done all I can do.

May Love, Reason, Compassion, Empathy, and Truth light your way forward.

Blessings….Salaam, Shalom, Peace, Namaste, Pax






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