We need Anon Principles

I suggest that IF Anonymous is to continue, we need to establish certain principles of conduct. In the past, among #OldFags, many of these principles were just reasonable, honorable ways of conduct, but now, it seems with an influx of #NewFags, there are wars,
feuds, and behavior that is against the spirit of Anonymous.

Anyone can call themselves an Anon, and even if Hitler came back, he could call himself an Anon.

Sure, Anons used to be 4Chan trolls, at least, that’s where we came from, but from the modest beginnings of closing the poll, to #OpScientology and Chanology, we began to see that there were social wrongs that needed a group outside of the normal, orthodox channels which just swept things under the carpet.

But now, like a cancer attacking its own body, we are seeing Anons d0xing Anons, trolling people who have done nothing to warrant attacks. At some point, I think, since the original Anons did so much, putting their freedom, sometimes their lives on the line, we owe it to them to keep the name Anonymous, meaning something positive to people, signifying perhaps a place to turn when no one else will help.

So, though I am just one person who has been an Anon for a bit, I suggest at l1east, some ground rules for behavior.

  1. The first rule of Anon Club is Anons don’t d0x Anons. It is a direct attack on who we are to d0x an Anon, and since Anons often go after pedos, hunters, ISIS, KKK, a range of violent people, when you d0x an Anon, you may be putting his or her family’s life in danger, as well as the Anon. If you have problems with another Anon, I suggest it is not a bad idea to have a direct convo, with perhaps a mediator, or even a three Anon mediating panel.
  2.  No “PhailDoxes”. When I was acting as co-founder of #doxteamsix, our motto was better no dox than a phail dox. A phail dox makes not only the d0xers look bad, but reflects badly on Anons, since the media likes to paint us all as one group.
  3. No d0xing of children under the age of 18, even if they are related to someone who has done something so bad that that person deserves doxing.
  4. No revealing of your personal details to any other Anon…no matter how well you think you know them (Perhaps this should be number one).
  5. Unity and #Anonfamily above all. It seems these days there are a plethora of Ops (operations) and of course, everyone things theirs is the most important. When members of an Op become so wrapped up in it, that they attack other Anons simply because they do not agree with the Op, and choose not to be part of it, and they start attacking and doxing Anons simply on that basis, other Anons need to have a convo to discuss what if any action should be taken about this situation.
  6. No Anon left behind. Just like soldiers have the motto that they leave no man behind, we Anons need to protect and stand with our fellow Anons, and make sure they are not left alone to face the attack(s) of some other group.
  7. #Anonfamily must MEAN something again. At one time, it did mean something. It meant if you mess with one Anon, you have messed with all Anons. It means that when one Anon is hurting, or going through hard times, we are there for them.
    Anonfamily is the wellspring from which our bonds of love, friendship, and respect come from, and without this cohesion, it is every Anon for himself, and we learned long ago, that was not a great idea.
  8.  Rumors, gossip, behind the back attacks, are the cancer, the rot, the rust that destroys our cohesion. If one Anon has a problem with another, a formal chat room with proper encryption should be scheduled, with Anons in attendance who are not on either side. I have seen group DMs in which rumors, gossip goes on about an Anon, without them present, and in essence, they are judged and convicted about being a fed without any real evidence and without the chance to defend themselves.

I know that to some, these ‘rules’ will see as not being the Anon way…but, I believe that without these practical measures, the rancor, the cliques, the feuds, will continue and get worse, and when anyone is seen as fair game for attack, then the seeds for our destruction are not only sewn, but are growing.

The thing that is worse than the Feds, the NSA, the GCHQ, is something akin to an electronic Lord of the Flies where the bullies run the island, where respect, fair treatment,
are abandoned, and anyone who can make others afraid of them, becomes the leader.
Although the culture of Anonymous is we have no leaders, there are people who want to be , not leaders, but dictators, bullies.  This is totally against what we Anons are about.

Anons are supposed to be about defending the innocents, not pushing them around, not tormenting them, not bullying them.

I actually hate to have to propose such things because, as an anarchist, I am against a rule by a government. But, what is developing, is acutally a form of mob rule called Ochlocracy.
“Ochlocracy is the rule of government by mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of legitimate authorities” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ochlocracy. So, true anarchists should be just as opposed to an Ochlocracy, as they are to a plutocracy, kleptocracy, or other rule of people by bullies.

Without some enforcement of these things by the majority of Anons, I fear we will become what our enemies have long claimed we were…just vicious trolls. We must not let the bullies win…those who want to bully decent Anons, d0x good Anons, threaten civilians, and in general, troll people.

In the memory of Aaron Swartz, we must try to re-establish the Anonymous we can be proud of.

Thanks for reading this.



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