This is what Anonymous is Supposed to be about

I received a message from a follower, and his story was so inspirational, I asked his permission to reprint it. It is from @anonghost2000
” A month ago I was lost in my life. Everything had come to ahead and my life was going outta control. Always had my beliefs I’m tired of cops abusing the badge I’m tired of this govt and I’m against animal abuse. I’ve known of anonymous since 09 never partaked in any OPs till about 3weeks ago I watched a video called “do you see what I see” from official Anonymous on youtube. On that day I was ready to quit, quit life? I’m not sure but I had given up didn’t feel like I had anything left to give at all. Mentally and physically I was on E. I had friends trying to call me that day and family plus my boss I would not pick up or answer any texts. That night honestly think it was around 830 pm I was on YouTube and saw that video and started to hop and watch others of anonymous. That night I was up all night thinking maybe I do still have something left to give. See in those videos what I saw was a collective helping each other in different ops when they did not even know each other (real life), I saw thousands of ppl becoming one and standing up for other anons together. You guys stood for what you believed in and no matter how hard shit got the belief never changed. So the day after that night I made my accts and started teaching how to hide myself on the Internet obv listening to anons on how to. Now I’m at a point where idk what’s what 😕 . All I hear is anons doxxing other anons. Like there is some big invisible division between everyone. Basically I don’t know who the good guys are anymore. You probably won’t even read this but hell man I think Anonymous needs you at this point. Leaving would only encourage a certain few that anytime they want that they could do this again to anyone. If you are infact from the occupy walstreet ops then you been around a while and you know this is not the right time to leave. The “idea” anonymous might not be left in good hands. And if you can’t tell I’m newblood lol but I’m a loyal bastard and will help any anon that needs it. You guys have made an “IDEA” come to life. I’m hoping you stick around cause a new blood like would Def need the help of a vet like you in this world. All the US govt is waiting for is too see Anonymous fall. The usa is afraid of nobody but mention Anonymous and watch the looks of death come across their face. Ok I’m done rambling I apologize lol. Anonymous till the end 👊 family’s always have some kind of drama that’s wat makes us fam is getting thru that bs just like we don’t in real life.”

Well said indeed ! ❤


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