The HighSchoolery of Twitter


You know, you can spend so much time swimming in the ocean, you lose the feeling of being in the water…when I did a lot of swimming, I remember times when it was like paddling through thick air on a warm day.

Well, if you do Twitter every day, depending on what circles you move in, there is an element of High School to it….you have the “cool” kids, the “popular kids”, the “rich” kids, the “class clowns” and the “bullies”.

Some might say that the democracy of Twitter is everyone has a voice, but we all know that the people / accounts with the bigger follow numbers, have a bigger voice.

And, though there are some great aspects to it, as an alternative news source, finding new ideas, meeting new people, there is a great bit of just, well, for want of a better word,
bullshit. There are cliques in which in group DMs, people form clubs to attack people behind their back…and these are decent folks being attacked, not rapists, pedos, animal abusers, etc..

In the time that I was on Twitter, and if I had stayed a day or two more, would have had 63,000 follows (62.9 and counting), starting with ONE follower, I saw it change….well, perhaps I didn’t see it change, but from the Anon view, I started seeing the nature of Anonymous change. Instead of unity, there was disunity…instead of love and trust, there was hate and betrayal, and it became a place that, even though you had been a good Anon, doing favors for lots of other Anons, the worst lies could be believed about you, simply because they were said.

The use of Twitter as a vehicle for social change, was being corrupted by many. This is not to brand all or even the majority, because there were many great people of all groups on Twitter. But, when the focus went from working together to help animals, as we did in #OpGuZoo,  to it being a place where Anons d0x Anons using the basest of lies, then, one must wonder if your time is well spent there.

If you are spending your time having to defend yourself, how is that helping animals, women, kids, equality of races, or anything or anyone else.

As today has gone by, I’ve felt a sense of relief. No social forum should feel like a prison yard, where you are afraid that the person who supposedly “has your back”, may at any minute, bury a shank in it.

I doubt Twitter management does anything to clean things up or make things better…
so my feeling today is I may just let my 30 days run out, and let @anon99percenter
sail into the Sunset…far away from the sulfurous clouds of Twitter.



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