Why Twitter May Need to Change Its Feed to Win Over Media Companies – And Survive

Why Twitter May Need to Change Its Feed to Win Over Media Companies – And Survive

“Why Twitter’s Executive Shake-Up Hasn’t Calmed Jittery Investors

If Jack Dorsey’s company edges away from its hallmark reverse-chronological order, it can address two main business challenges

A proposed change to the Twitter feed that its most hardcore users revile may be just what media companies revere —  and key to the struggling company’s growth.

Since its launch in 2006, the social network has been known for its real-time delivery of short messages in chronological order. But the company faced an outcry over the weekend afterBuzzFeed News reported it may abandon that approach for a system that would prioritize buzzy items of interest or posts that a user missed while away, in a way that’s similar to rival Facebook.

To Twitter diehards, it’s blasphemy. But for media and entertainment companies, the modifications could help detangle two of Twitter’s chief hindrances, audience growth and video shelf-life. If Twitter can make its network a friendlier place for newbies, where relevant content has a simpler path to an interested viewer, music and entertainment companies would welcome the change. Content could reach more people, and find the right ones more easily.


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