Dolphins ‘pulled from the sea in Argentina for selfies’

Screen grab of tweet sent by environmental group warning people to rescue dolphins if they are foundImage copyrightTwitter @Vida_Silvestre
Image captionAn environmental group warned people to help dolphins to return to the water: “I shared this picture so the next time it can be rescued”

Beach-goers in Argentina have been criticised after reportedly taking endangered dolphins from the sea to take selfies.

Pictures posted on social media show a crowd of people holding and touching a dolphin in the city of Santa Teresita.

The photos sparked condemnation from wildlife experts and social media users.

The Franciscana dolphin is vulnerable to extinction, and conservationists say only 30,000 of them live in the wild.

An Argentine wildlife foundation said that two dolphins were found by beach-goers and that at least one of them was dead.

A video of the incident appears to show a man taking one dolphin from the sea and walking around with it.

In pictures posted on Facebook, dozens of people are seen around the animal, touching it and taking photos.

It is not clear if the dolphin was alive or already dead or if the images are of the same animal.

The Franciscan or Del Plata dolphin is one of the smallest in the world, measuring between 1.3m (4.2ft) and 1.7m (5.5ft), the foundation said. They can be found only in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.”


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