If you don’t know me by now….

Anyone….anyone who followed @Anon99Percenter should have gotten the following…
a) I am an animal rights advocate b) I was an Anon and tried to come to the aid of Anons,
c) I helped fight PEDOs, ISIS, cops who murdered innocents, and post some good tunes and news. With me gone, the humpbacked hyenas are running around laughing, and acting like fools. How could I have gotten to around 63,000 followers if I didn’t have some redeeming qualities. What bothers me is that those I helped, are staying quiet, while the braying, lying jackasses are putting ridiculing an Anon, over going after pedos, animal abusers….I was around when Sabu was found out, and honestly, his villification was not much worse than is going on against me now. Let me warn you about this. If you are a decent Anon, you will become a target of theirs next. Bad drives out good. Rotten apples, full of maggots, spoil the others in the barrel. I never d0xed an Anon. I d0xed plenty of animal abusers, a few cops who hurt or killed innocents.

People have called me racist…but ask some of the leasers of the Black Lives Matter like @deray and @Es_Snipes, and many, many others, if I have not always stood against racism. Some people are even saying I was not an animal rights activist. Well, if you say that, you’re a fucking liar and there are plenty of people with screen shots to prove where my allegiances lied…from Cecil the Giraffe, to Cecil the Lion, to Tiger the housecat that Kristen Lindsey shot through the head, through horrors like Walter Palmer, Jan Seski, Gary Goodfried. Sabrina Corgatelli, many whom I d0xed, many whom @Anonorpheus d0xed, some who other members of #d0xteamsix d0xed.

Ask the people who care about the Taiji dolphins, the cats in Australia, the Yulin dog festival, the factory farms, the wolves in Sweden…ask them who was always there to fight, to do tweetstorms….where were these fucking liars ? And we went after not just the big name cases…I personally got two wolf cooking sites off Facebook….and it was not easy.

These people who want to attack me now that I am not on Twitter…where were you when I was helping people in DMs who were getting stalked, who were getting trolled, who just needed to talk to because they had terminal cancer….where the fuck were you…in some little multiple DM chat room spreading gossip ?

I have reports of people who played like they were my friends, followed me, sought my RTs of their tweets, who are now RTing the pitiful lies being spread about me.

If you say you are fighting for animals, or fighting for black rights….when do you have time for it when you are spending your times creating videos or d0xes demonizing me?

I don’t give a shit about what you trolls think of me. Why should I. You believe any lie thrown in front of you in spite of years of proof against them….so why should I care what you think, because thinking is obviously not your forte.

You are wasting your lives….spewing hate. I did nothing to any of you, and for some of you, perhaps the one that hates me most, you know I tried to help you and your wife over months, even creating the GoFundMe for you that you used to raise funds. We Spent hours about how back things were for both of us…You DMed me when you were in the hospital, even sending me pix of you in the hospital…so, where did this sudden hatred come from….you know what I say is true..and you know what we talked about the first time we spoke on the phone…have i revealed anything about that to anyone ? NO…even though you have done everything you can to attack me and defame me and lie.

You are not helping anyone…just stirring your pot of bubbling hate…wasting your life.

For you #NewBloods….read how I was talked about a few months ago…and a handful started lying about me, and see what has happened now….do you want to go into a group in which you might be d0xed for no reason, for people to lie about you….there are good Anons still…but the bad are driving out the good. My advice to you is to “trust no one”.
#Anonfamily died the first Anon who did nothing wrong, was d0xed. Sabu deserved it.
I did not…and would not have been if the only person I actually trusted, became a Judas.,
a traitor, a betrayer. Its not d0xing when you’ve already been giving all the info because the person thought they could trust you. That’s not social engineering…its called being
a rat, a snitch, someone’s bitch.

You should be helping someone, perhaps, your own family, instead of wasting your life
on Twitter.




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