Think of the life you waste on Twitter

Life is a precious gift….animation is part of that…not sitting like trained chimps banging away vile lies about someone you called “Brother” and said was closer than your family to you, and then, when they are betrayed, you spread lies like the others. That is not life.

I regret the time I wasted on Twitter. I thought I was helping people and animals, and that was pretty much all I was there for…except for posting tunes and news. But, besides getting the animals at GuZoo transferred elsewhere, and helping a few people in DMs, I suppose the time was wasted. If nearly 63 thousand people, many of whom I tried to help daily, can believe lies about me, by people who claimed to be my friends, then it was worse than a waste of time….it was hours and hours of effort that I will never reclaim.

I did learn one thing…no matter how much truth you tell, no matter how many people you try to help, people will be ready to believe the basest of lies if the most cretinous of traitors spouts it. And, I guess that is a hard less to learn, but lessons, even hard ones, costs….life itself is a school where everyday, you learn or don’t.

I hope, I have a new insight into people….not a pretty one…but a valid one nonetheless.



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