Be less quick to judge, and more time to listen

I was thinking about people that I had judged based on what other people said about them
and considered, that’s wrong. So, I listened to Vince’s podcast interview with Sabu. Many know that even when Sabu was popular, I blocked him….I just had bad vibes….but I never gave him a chance to explain anything….just blamed him for Jeremy going to jail, and all the other things that happened as a result of Sabu’s helping the government. I remember when Sabu came back on Twitter, he started following me, and I blocked him…but I had never talked with him. I’ve exchanged a few words via DMs with Jester in the past, but knowing me as very Pro-Anonymous, and as he hated both Snowden and Anonymous, seeing them as traitors and enemies, I didn’t agree with him, but understood his position. The one thing Jester and I always agreed about, was support for the troops, and the few times we have talked via DMs, they were always cordial and respectful.

Matt DeHart, I totally respect …whether he joined Anonymous early or late…and I have tried to be a supportive person to his family. Barrett Brown, a political prisoner…he
was the face of Anonymous to many in the judicial system, so they were ready to leave him in solitary for 100 years for sharing a hyperlink. Sure, Barrett was bombastic, some called him an egofamer….but he was OUR egofamer, and he at least, didn’t turn in others to save his own skin.

While listening to Vince in the Bay’s interview with Sabu, I felt I knew Sabu better. His personality and mine probably would not go together well, but my diatribes of him, sharp and cutting as they were, may have been too strong. If you have custody of two young girls and a dozen feds show up at your door at night, with a one in a lifetime deal, I can see a lot of people taking the deal….we all hope we would not, but, we’ve not been in that situation.

Jeremy is spending 10 years, ten years he could be doing a lot instead of being warehoused, and yet, HSBC has been found to be laundering millions of dollars of drug money twice, and no one has gone to jail.

I am NOT saying Sabu is a saint at all…he is not. I am not saying Barrett made no mistakes because Barrett did…and though Jeremy Hammond is not perfect, he damn sure has acquitted himself with honor, respect, something us #OldFags understood.

I learned a bit more about the Stratfor hack, and of course, Sabu mentioned the
Cabin Cr3w, a group I remember well back during the days of LulzSec and the Lulzboat.

Sometimes, I think people love to go into Witch Hunt mode. Sabu has retired that name, and is on Twitter with over 38,000 followers, under his real name, and seemingly doing OK.

I remember one thing Sabu said in his interview…that at one time he was very protective of Anonymous…and those who are not blinded by hate, remember all the times I defended Anons against trolls and all kinds of people. I was often called in via DM because some poor young Anon was getting trolled.

But, after what I have been through, I see things differently. There ARE good Anons who believe in the Anonymous ideas, but the notion of #Anonfamily seemed to fall apart when I was attacked…and I still don’t understand why. But, it doesn’t matter. I wanted to help animals and people, and was primarily often called “that animal rights guy”.

Any of you, at any time, for any reason, could become the target of your Anon friends…no matter how many you have helped, no matter how good you have done, simply because someone starts a campaign of lies against you. That is the reality of #Anonfamily.
We began as trolls on 4Chan…not doing anything of social significance…then we developed a social conscience, now, it appears, Anons spend more time d0xing each other,trolling people’s accounts who are no longer there, and showing strange obsessions of hatred. If this is what Anonymous has become, attack one another with lies, then it is
not the Anonymous I was defending, not the Anonymous I should have been a part of.

Bullies with Guy Fawkes masks, liars wearing Guy Fakwes masks, are just bullies and liars who paid for a mass produced Halloween mask. #OldFag anons didn’t d0x each other.
If we had demonstrated the same cannibalistic behavior that is going on now,
Anons would never have gained a positive image with the pubic, and if Anons keep it up, they will lose that image.