What is d0xing…aka doxxing ?

It’s starting out with hardly any knowledge about the target, and through skillful use of sites and databases, acquiring knowledge.  If you pasted info about your Mother or Brother, that’s NOT d0xing…that’s being a shithouse rat coward….you had it, you didn’t have to work for it. I’ve d0xed my share of animal abusers..even in South Africa…I was co-founder of d0x team Six….oh, and by the way, you don’t ask a friend to “dox” and get the dirt on your own son because you are being sued for back child support. That’s something else an Anon doesn’t do. If you are a d0xer, get dox your own bastard kid and your customers who won’t pay you….don’t beg a friend to do it. And then, you dont fucking
“d0x” a friend who you talked to for months…no matter what happened to you when you were a kid.