Any movement that has no faith in their own, can succeed

The cornerstones of a friendship are trust, respect, honor, and loyalty….and perhaps love. They are not mutually exclusive, but instead, rely on each other. If you do not trust someone you call a friend or brother…you are NOT truly their friend or brother.
If you do not respect someone, you cannot be their friend. Both parties to a true friendship, should be men of integrity and honor, elsewise, there can be no respect. The fourth component, is loyalty.

Even if friends develop issues between them, it should stay between them, and in an honest,private conversation. But, to betray a “friend” to their enemies, with information you were entrusted with, and then to add lies atop that, is perhaps the lowest thing you can do. If you are paid by a third party to give up your friend’sinfo, that is an even lower level of despicability.

We know people in history who have betrayed friends for money, for jealousy, for revenge…they are cursed among subsequent generations….name such as Benedict Arnold,  Ephialtes of Trachis (the coward who betrayed the Spartans to Xerxes) are hated that centuries later, their names are still equated with being the lowest of the low.In Greece,the worst insult you can call someone is “Ephialtes”. Although heroes get remember, rats,traitors,betrayers are remembered more, with hate.

Some people cannot name all of Yeshua’s disciples, but they remember Judas,  the one
who identified Yeshua with a kiss.

You see, humans admire , even these days, admirable qualities of loyalty, honor, integrity, defending a friend, even if you think your friend is wrong. Nothing strikes the public as more despicable as someone who sells out a friend, for money, or because they were jealous, or some other petty reason.

We remember how William Wallace was drawn and quartered,because it was the Scotts he had given his life to, who betrayed him. We remember Joan of Arc because she was betrayed and killed by the same French monarchy and church,that she defended with her very life.

I admit, I cannot understand being a stooge, a stool pigeon, a rat, a snitch, a traitor, a turncoat, a betrayer….but we know that the military has a punishment for those found to be traitors.

The group known as Anonymous, always preached about #Anonfamily, and protecting our own, but when push came to shove, Sabu gave up Jeremy Hammond….and from then on, Anons were all too ready to d0x their own just because they had a disagreement with them, were envious of them, or for any of a number of reasons.

For Anons who d0x other Anons, Anons who have been put on ISIS hit list, they are in essence, by their treachery, putting their fellow Anons in the target sites of ISIS.

How much lower can you get with regard to that. Even trolls rarely do that.

I have had time to think about Anonymous. It was a good idea, but as usual, end users fucked it up. Anons DO NOT dox Anons…and if people calling themselves Anons cannot get that fact, you should burn your Fawkes mask and quit calling yourself
an Anon.

I wish that things had worked out better…but you learn one never ever reveal personal information to another Anon, no matter how much you trust then.
As was said to me…”everyone has their price”….I think some don’t, but it is obvious that some do. This is beyond pathetic, and the flow of #NewBloods into Anonymous
should realize that, for all the rhetoric of #MuchLuv and #Respect, if your “friend”
is jealous of your follow numbers, or gets angry at you, they may come at you with ferocity they haven’t even used on Pedos or Animal abusers. Don’t trust, don’t turn your back…and think many times before becoming an Anon.

Don’t trust anyone too much, don’t give anyone your personal information…because the person who trust, may be getting ready to collect their 30 pieces of silver, by betraying you. This is a friendly warning. If you really want to change the world, perhaps you can find another group, or work solo. DD0Sing a website does nothing except inconvenience the owner for a while…defacing a website doesn’t cause the problem to go away…often it just looks pathetic.

Sure, you can learn to use SQL injection, brute force programs, 0 day exploits, but in the end, what REAL social change have you made ? Did the problem get better.
Did homophobia, animal abuse, rape, pedophilia go away because you RTed something someone said…if the answer is NO…then what the hell are you wasting your time on Tor, on LOIC, on HOIC, Metaspolit, or the rest ?

You would do better to sign a petition (or start a petition) to your governmental representative.

Realize that there is a certain amount of evil in this world that is NOT going away no matter what you do. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, but as they say ” money talks, bullshit walks.”  There is NO guarantee you will not be attacked. You can tell the truth, be respected, and in one day,one or two of your #Anonfamily can turn everyone against you with lies.

So, if this sounds like what you want to do, go ahead, but if it happens, remember someone told you, you just chose not to believe them.

Learn from history, or you will repeat it.