The worst thing you can do to a friend is betray them

The worst thing you can do to a friend is to betray them, and then, join in with the vultures
as they attack him or her, because cowards always attack in packs…hyenas, vultures…attacking the dead because they have no courage to attack the living one on one.

Those people who I helped, as an Anon, who are too afraid to stand up for me now, I both pity you, and I understand you. You don’t want to become the new target for the Anon trolls. Because, that’s what this group has become….Anon trolls. #OldFags at least had that much honor, you didn’t d0x a fellow Anon, even for money…even for a lot of money.

Anyone who would do such a thing, is beneath contempt, and is not what we #OldFags would call an Anon…just a coward wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. It appears, we have lots
of Pseudo Anons. You non-Anons who contacted me via DM, and I tried to help, where do you go now? Who gives a shit about your problems.

This is just a reflection…it is a reflection of where the Hive is now..a hive where Sabu can be online with 38,000 followers, and he put a Brother Anon away for 10 yrs, but someone who did nothing wrong…has been mass attacked…and anyone sympathetic to him, also
has been mass attacked.

There used to be trust I thought in #Anonfamily….but no more…Anons are afraid of Anon trolls going after them. It spells the end of people wanting to become Anons.

#OpNewBlood will die.