When Anons become trolls to Good People…

When Anons become trolls to good, decent people…make them fearful to speak their mind,to defend someone they believe in….it is not the Anonymous I ever signed up
to support. You can d0x cops, dox pedos, but if you dox fellow Anons, you have lost what our movement was about. Perhaps us #OldFags remember …but you are setting up a false idea of what Anonymous is for any #NewBloods….that Anons roam in packs, picking on
anyone that is out of favor with them, or anyone they could not co-opt to give credence to their “Op”.  You can use words like #Anonfamily, or “Ohai Bruh”…or “pl0x” or “d0x”….
but you have just become schoolyard bullies wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and the REAL
Guy Fawkes, would be ashamed to have his name associated with you. If you study history, Guy jumped off the platform to hang himself because he wanted to rob the crown of the satisfaction of hanging him. Fawkes had courage…he needed no pack to back his play.