I’ve decided this “New Anonymous” is not for me

Sadly, I have decided that I am no l am no longer an Anon. I joined because when we had a code…sure, we may have been trolls on 4Chan, but we didn’t go after our own. I deluded myself into thinking here was an #Anonfamily, that we took care of our own, but it only took a few lies, to turn Anons who had asked me for favors in DMs multiple times, to go after me like I was a pedo or Sabu. I had an interest in Anonymous. While I was an Anon, I sincerely tried to help fellow Anons, showed respect to #OldFags and #NewFags alike, and stressed the importance of #NewFags.

Anonymous was never about a Guy Fawkes mask, how many follows you had, how many “big accounts” who followed you, it was about a sense of trust, camaraderie, that we would not betray each other. I was daily given phone numbers and addresses, and I deleted most of them, because if my laptop was seized, I could not give up what I did not have.

I have had Anons trust me with things they did not trust their family with.

But, it is over. Apparently, Anons have changed, and I am a bigger target than Sabu ever was.

I never lied to you. I didn’t need to lie. The truth was sad enough. I went through truly the worst three years of my life, and I had the foolishness to share my feelings.

So don’t worry, I am taking the word “Anon” off my handle…so it is now Vyking Pyrate. TO the good Anons I worked with to fight ISIS, to fight animal  abusers, I will miss you, truly. You know who you are, and never abandoned me to the best of my knowledge. At the day I deactivated my acct, I had 62.9 thousand follows, and since i was gaining 50 followers a day, it would have been 63,000 the next day. To those who coordinated this campaign of lies and defamation against me, I pity you. You sold your honor cheaply, and it is gone forever….honor does not grow back, integrity does grow a new skin on snakes. Although I have d0xed people in the past for those who betrayed me, I was not going to dox you. You see, old school Anons don’t dox other Anons no matter what.

I miss my friends on Twitter…there were many who I enjoyed, and who I loved…and I hope, day to day, I made their lives more interesting, more empathetic, informed them, or if they were in show business, plugged their tunes, movie, tv-show, or play.

But, the witch hunts have gone down, Judas took his 30 pieces of silver, and suddenly, Anons are afraid to say what they want, afraid to defend people.

If this is the #NewAnonymous, I am glad I am not longer a part of it.