My Statement on Anonymous….a Farewell to the Hive


There was a time, I like Jeremy Hammond, would have gone to jail rather than give up fellow Anons. But you see, that was a naive me who believed in #Anonfamily, the idea of Anonymous and all the rest. But, as with most true believers who have the scales removed from their eyes, I see the awful truth. There are now, for great part, gangs of troll cliques, masquerading under a Guy Fawkes mask as if all of this is a giant, evil, cartoon ball. I had nearly 63 thousand followers, actors, musicians, hax0rs, producers, average folks, Anons…as I was adding 100 every two days, it didn’t take long for numbers to build. I must have done something to earn their follow. I helped who I could, posted information and news, was a sympathetic ear, and tried to shepherd #NewBloods in how to be good Anons. I never lied. My life has been too short for lying. I fought ISIS, Pedos,and most of all, animal abusers.

Lying, cowardice, deceipt, disloyalty, betrayal, are anathema to me, they are marks of the lowest kind of human, next to sadism, paedophilia, bestiality, animal abuse.

I still have no idea why I as attacked or shunned like some errant member of the Amish, but I have insights of the names behind the plot.

I have never, ever, to my knowledge, d0xed an Anon, and those who d0xed me, I have person documents, personal info I could have released, but will not, because d0xing Anons is not the Anon way.

I thank ALL the kind people who have supported me over the years, though my Mom’s death, through my never ending financial problems, my cousin’s murder, and all else. You will never know how much it meant. Ironically, some of those who gave me the most comfort, were non-Anons. I thank so many “big name” Accts for following me including @YourAnonNews @OccupyWallStNYC, and so many more. You activism and the changes you are trying to make, I respect.

But, when I was betrayed by a “best friend”, follow the money, it hurt, I thought this person was a person suffering like me who I could trust. He sent me pictures from the hospital, told me about his personal issues. I have not mentioned those, will not mention those.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I leave Anonymous. I was hoping I would leave it better. I tried hard to close GuZoo, and we did. I tried hard, by co-founding #d0xteamsix, to fight animal abusers, trophy hunters, but one of our d0xers turned against me, and thus, we terminated the team.

There is a Latin term, Cui bono, meaning, when some deed is done, who benefited? I know that the many peope who wrote me asking for help via DMs did not benefit from me leaving, the people who wrote me asking for RTs for their project did not benefit, but the question remains, why did it happen, and who did it.

Those who TRULY knew me, not my alleged “best friend’ apparently, those folks knew me to be a kind, truthful person who tried to help people.

But, there became a witchhunt…where a small crew bullied and attacked anyone who spoke up for me. Their goal was the destruction of my reputation. This is not  NOT the Anon way. Sabu still tweets with over 38000 followers.

I literally did the best I could, did not lie, and leave the Hive with only one regret, that I was not wiser in seeing the truth about the person I trusted. One who will betray their “best friend”, will betray you as well.

Mark my words, unless the cancer is cut out, the good will of Anonymous will disappear, supplanted by a fear of Anons, as bullying trolls to be avoided, and once this happens, the floodgates of law enforcement truly will open.

For non-Anons and Anons who were true friends, you made my life better for knowing you. I found good people all over the world, in all religions, in all colors, all sexes. I thank you for your great kindness to me when Mom was dying. It was a source of light when all around me was dark.

Whatever strangers, enemies, or friends think of me, my mission was to help people, beginning with Occupy, later with Anonymous, and mainly, to be a voice for the voiceless, children, animals, and nature. Insofar as I did any of that, I hold me head high as I leave the hive. I have so many good people to thank, to thank one would be to short others, so I know each of you I have interacted with in a caring spirit, know who I am directing that too.

For #OldFags like me, perhaps like the saying about Old Soldiers, we don’t die, we just fade away. A tip of my hat to the #OldFags, and to good #NewFags. #SailStrong.

And don’t forget Jeremy Hammond, Matt DeHart, and Barrett Brown…
and never forget Aaron Swartz, RIP

Thanks for reading this. I ask you only two things in my memory of anything positive I did….please be kind to animals, make their lives better, save them if possible, and lastly, do NOT let yourself be silenced by bullies and trolls. One you allow it, it never stops.

And remember, no matter WHO you are, you CANNOT tell people who can or can’t be an Anon or carry the name. If you think that, leave the Hive, you just don’t understand Anonymous at all.

So, I sail over the horizon, into the Sunset. Who knows what awaits over there. I’ve heard
“Beyond there be Dragons…well, that’s fine with me.”

Salaam / Shalom / Pax / Namaste.