Arms-control rules restricting software ‘to be rewritten’

Arms-control rules restricting software ‘to be rewritten’  “

Cybersecurity tools could become easier to export as the US seeks to amend an international arms-control deal that controls their spread.

A congressman said the US wanted to renegotiate the Wassenaar Arrangement.

The deal restricts the flow of arms – including “intrusion software” – to oppressive regimes. But some have said it also covers tools that can improve cybersecurity.

The move was praised by online freedom campaigners.

The proposal to amend the deal “represents a major victory for cybersecurity here and around the world,” said US congressman Jim Langevin in a statement announcing the news.

“While well-intentioned, the Wassenaar Arrangement’s ‘intrusion software’ control was imprecisely drafted, and it has become evident that there is simply no way to interpret the plain language of the text in a way that does not sweep up a multitude of important security products.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which