Bill Hicks said we kill the people who tell the Truth

Bill, RIP, was so right…but he could have gone further….people attack and troll people who tell the truth, people who treat others decently, with respect. They spread lies about them, and you can tell the degree of decency and truth of the person, with the aggressiveness with which they are attacked. Sabu is on Twitter with over 38,000 followers…his actions put Jeremy Hammond in jail for 10 years…he was a pawn of tnhe FBI…so why are “Anons” not constantly trying to hax his phone, his emails, his websites.

I am not saying they should…quite the opposite, I am saying they shouldn’t…but from what I know, he is not being attacked…at least Sabu is getting decent treatment, even if what he did was not decent, and ended with Anons being in jail.