Something I must get off my chest…

I was brought up in the South, in a small the 1950s. There was no integration…whites and blacks had different drinking fountains, and those for the black folks said “COLORED ONLY”…but my Mom, may she Rest in Peace…always taught me to judge people  not on skin color, kind of car or clothes, but how they treated people and animals…and not on hearsay, but on MY experience with them.

And, I have tried to live my life that way. It’s why I have friends in all races, religions, ethnic groups, you name it…because I give respect, unless and until that person shows me that he or she deserves NO respect.

If people feel they must judge me…judge me on how I treated you, how I interacted with you, whether I tried to help you if you asked for help…if I was an asshole to you and when you asked for help I told you to fuck off and leave me alone….then judge me that way…
but if I tried to help or tried to find someone to help, and treated you respectfully,
then judge me on that basis.

I don’t expect anyone to defend me…because, I do not need defending. I did nothing wrong (except trusting an untrustworthy person) to need any defense.

When I left Anonymous, I left with my head held high…and was attacked not only online, but via hax on my emails, servers, websites, etc.  If these people who d0xed me call themselves Anons, knowing ISIS has targeted me several times, then I want NONE of Anonymous, but, if they are Anons in name only, that is different.

More than one influential Anon account has tweeted “Anons don’t d0x Anons”.
#OldFags like me know our code was we didn’t d0x each other.

I just had to say it. I am proud of what I accomplished …helping people..going after animal abusers..and I am still doing that under another name…as I sign d0xes of animal abusers with a total different name that is not associated with me.

For those who have stayed my friends through all this…I appreciate and love you.

For those who have spoken out on my behalf, your courage speaks volumes and you have
my respect.

As for me now, I am trying to do what I have done my whole life…help animals, expose abusers, and post some tech news.

I am not bothering anyone…and granted, after I deactivated my Twitter  account, I know hardly anyone reads what I say….but its not how many who read what I say that matters..
its WHAT I say…the validity of it…the truth within it, and the fact that SOMEONE has the intestinal fortitude to speak truth, even when bullies want to silence it.

Be well…to my Brothers and Sisters in Anonymous who did not turn against me based on lies aimed at destroying me….thank you, and it was a pleasure sailing with you. I met some great Anons…AND..I met some Anons who I thought were good, but who turned against me, solely based on what some nutters said about me, without having the decency of asking me, respectfully, if it was true or false.

I maintained myself as an Anon the best I could…and I never, ever d0xed an Anon.
I co-founded #d0xteamsix and I am proud of the work we did. We d0xed several animal abusers…and trophy hunters, even if the law did nothing to them.

So, that’s my rant. I wish you well. #SailStrong and remember to treat animals with kindness and respect.

#VikingPyrate (the ex Anon99Perceenter)