My thoughts on haxing and theft of money

First off…its illegal…and in the past, I’ve labeled most people who did it, not “hax0rs” but simply digital criminals. But, thinking more on the topic, I’ve thought of some nuanced cases where it would not be just a digital criminal action.

First off…let’s talk about the cops who have had to pay out money because of ransomware.
The problem with that is it is the tax money of the citizens that gets paid out. To me, the cops themselves should have to pay it out of their OWN bank accounts, because it was their fault it happened on their watch….no the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

It should be mandatory for every police department to have a good backup plan that includes daily backups and that backups must be tested for being corrupt. We are seeing increasing numbers of police departments paying out because ransomware has their drives encrypted…and it is not encryption that could be broken easily…this is high level encryption.

What we will probably see next, are hospitals hit with ransomware  for several reasons.
Hospital security of their networks are often pathetic. Secondly, large hospitals increasingly are being owned by huge corporations, and they have more money than small town cops. Thirdly, a hospital MUST have access to patient records…and they would have to pay out whatever the ransom was.

Now, poor folks ….average hard working 99 percenters who get haxed, by a skimmer at a restaurant or installed in an ATM, these people who get hit, the hackers are digital criminals…’s fucking wrong.

The people who I feel should get haxed, are people that are obscenely rich bastards like the Koch Brothers, Walton family, etc…and, if the hax0r used the funds to help homeless or
animal rescue places, I would be fine with it…and would feel more like they were digital Robin Hoods than digital criminals. So, its the “victim” that makes the difference.