Who’s above the law ?

We know there are so many laws in the USA that the federal government admits it has no number on how many laws there are…in other words, they don’t know how many there are. A professor recently wrote a book in which he asserts the AVERAGE seemingly law abiding citizen commits at least 3 felonies a day. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704471504574438900830760842

We know that many, if not all “haxing” cases, use the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,  as the rationale for prosecution of them. Basically, what the act says is that if someone enters (meaning accesses) a “protected system”, meaning usually that there is an area not viewable from merely visiting the site, either using an exploit, SQL injection, or haxing the password to get inside. The NSA, FBI and other law enforcement, have violated this act in numerous cases….haxing into system of people who have not been found guilty of any crime. Essentially, since they are not prosecuted for this, it establishes a de novo precedent that these agencies are “Above the Law”…that the law does not apply to them.

Of course, they will say they were collecting evidence, however, there is not an “anything goes” rule in collection of evidence and we all know of cases that there are people who are set free in cases where “evidence” was illegally collected or fabricated.

We must ask the question to any candidate for POTUS… Are law enforcement people above the law, i.e. not bound by the same law that we citizens are.