The world is a funny place….

You  can be on top of the world…have thousands of people following you, and without doing anything wrong, have people turn against you. People don’t want the truth. People don’t want to believe someone is really who they say they are, people don’t want to realize there are decent people who care and do their best to help animals and humans…they want to believe the worst, they choose the thief and liar Barabbas every time.

Throngs of thousands, hundreds of thousands adored Hitler, a micropenile, pedophile, who couldn’t make it as a painter, and whose doctor who tried to save his Mom, was a Jew. It was a Jew who bought his paintings to keep him going, and when he had no coat during the long cold winters, a Jew give him a coat. When Germans didn’t win the war, he as an Austrian, who never really cared about the Germans, said they didn’t deserve to live. This was the man millions looked at as a rock star. He was a liar, a drug addict who was constantly vascillating between morphine and speed, and had to take laxatives for chronic opiate induced constipation.

Yes, Hitler was a rock star…and of course we know why…he said to tell the people a Lie, make it big enough, say it over and over, and the people will believe it. His propaganda minster Goebbels used this technique like a fine artist.

The Serpent in the Garden told Eve, eat the forbidden fruit, surely you will not die…she believed him, and of course, Adam and Eve then did become mortal and died.

There are all kinds of conspiracies such that the “Earth is Flat”, that many of the children killed by nuts were not really killed, that it was a big hoax, which is an insult to the parents who mourned their murdered kids.

Sure, there are conspiracies, but when someone rants about the end of the world every other day, and a million conspiracies, if they lie about someone who has been good to you, helped you or someone you know, always been honorable and respectable, without doubt, their credibility comes into question.

You know, when robbers rob a bank, suddenly they don’t seem to need money. They buy expensive presents for friends and themselves…because suddenly, they did something less than honorable to get paid, or obtain money.

In the Latin legal system, when a crime or wrong was done, the immediate question was “Cui bono”…who benefited from this crime? It also begs the question, WHY was the Act done…why was the victim picked, who attacked him or her, and with what kind of aggressive and vehemence was used.

The KGB, The SS, the NSA, DHS, all were able to lie with impunity…and lying is the clue …lying is an attack. The Nazis started out blaming all Jews for all their ills. The truth is that surveys from before the war showed that when Jews were asked who they were, they said Germans first, and Jewish second. There is nothing that enables the powerless cowards to get power quicker, than finding a “traitor”, a “criminal” in their midst, and combine that with lying allegations that these criminals had all the money.

People tend to want to find someone to blame. It makes it easier to explain their own inadequacies, that someone else is to blame, and preferably, someone in their midst,
a scapegoat.

During the Salem Witch Trials, no one was safe from being accused of being a witch and drowned , hanged, burned to death. They weighted people down till the weights crushed them, would weight a woman and throw her into a river….if she floated she was a witch, if she drowned, she was innocent.


And the “evidence” that the person was a witch was called “spectral evidence”..something only the accuser could see. No one was safe from being accused. Many people died from this travesty…many good people.

And, the truth of the matter was that most of the people who accused people as witches, had very prosaic reasons, for wanting them killed. Often, they wanted their land, often it was done out of jealous because the person was more attractive or popular than they were, or other more pecuniary reasons.

We have no further to look than the story of Yeshua ben Josef. He preached loved, treated others as equals and was respectful. He healed people, brought people back from the dead, did many, many miracles, and helped many many people. And yet, when the religious leaders saw him as a threat to their own popularity, their jealousy was expressed by accusing him of wrong doing like doing miracles on the Shabbat, consorting with prostitutes and low lifes.

The religious leaders successfully roused the rabble to call for Yeshua (Jesus) death by crucifixion. Even severe flogging was not enough. They were bloodthirsty and wanted him down. He had been painted as the enemy, a devil.

And don’t forget, Judas was paid to betray his leader, and did so with a kiss, but afterward, took the money, threw it back at Yeshua’s enemy and went and killed himself via hanging for betraying his friend.

Even Pontius Pilate, not a sympathetic character, announced to the mob he could find not fault with Yeshua, but still, the mob in a blood frenzy called for his murder.

Where were those he helped daily, his friends, his apostles, those he healed ? Peter, his main disciple, cowardly denied being associated with Yeshua three times before the rooster crowed.

Joan of Arc, certainly not divine like Yeshua, was also driven by a spiritual mission to protect France, put her life on the line, led men to save France, but when they got tired of her, or felt she was too popular, they burned her at the stake.

History is replete with examples, certainly more mundane, people who had no claim to divinity, but were betrayed, painted as criminals, as the enemy, and even killed because people were paid to. Even at the beginning, two brothers, Cain and Abel. G0d liked Abel’s offering better than Cain, and Cain killed Abel, hid the body, and when confronted by the voice of G0d asked “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

So, we see that betrayal, and killing good people, or even stigmatizing them as the enemy, is as old as history.

Even in the great literature of Shakespeare, when Julius Caesar is being murdered by multiple men, one to plunge the knife in him was someone who was supposed to be his great friend Brutus…and, unbelieving, as Brutus so cowardly stabbed his friend….Caesar looks him in the eyes and says “Et tu Brute?” meaning “And (or Even) YOU Brutus?”

The bottom line is when someone suddenly betrays a best friend, going after them with unusual hatred and animosity, and claiming to have no home, suddenly has plenty of time to spend online creating material trying to turn people against the person, it makes one wonder, “Cui Bono”….who benefited…why are they not homeless, not worried about money…

A man with honor, even when attacked by someone he thought was a friend, does not use his ammunition against the person. He lets the lies issue forth, because lies require constant boosting and repeating, to keep people riled up. The truth shines through eventually. The French ruler WAS a cowardly bastard for killing Joan, those who healed were cowardly for not defending him, Cain was an immature, envious bastard who killed his own brother….

Judge NOT solely on the lies someone is told about someone, the most reliable method is what was YOUR interactions with them…did they help you, respect you, were they kind and understanding…and contrast that with the character and ideas of the people attacking them. Don’t be led like a bell sheep to slaughter…don’t listen to the lies of jealous minds.

Think for yourself. If your friend is attacked, you cannot simply abandon them because you might be attacked. Courage is not cheap nor safe.

If Anonymous has decided, after only hearing lies from others, that I am a bad person, I cannot change that. There are many #OldFags, #NewBloods who know I treated them with respect, was always ready to RT their requests, engage in tweetstorms, and was followed by some of the largest Anon and most respected Anon accounts. I have not gone after anyone who attacked me. I think the truth doesn’t need to be pushed down people’s throats. I know the truth.  I know many things that people don’t think I know, and yet, I let it go. I was here to help animals and people. I did that and each of you who DMed me must reflect on how I treated you and how willing I was to help. That is my only defense…I was who I said I was, and I helped who I could. I d0xed many animal abusers sometimes leaving my name off…in fact, most of the time not signing them, cops who murdered citizens…but never doxed an Anon….we #OldFags lived by our code. Sabu betrayed Jeremy Hammond,
and yet, he has 38,000 followers, and has not been attacked lately.

I did not lie. I did not dox any Anons. I told the truth.
You can believe that or not…I do what I can now, not as Legion, but as one lone person. I just wish more Anons would have remembered the man they called Brother, who was always there to defend them, when things went down.



Hackers Reveal Home Addresses Of Cops, Judges And More

Circulating online is a searchable database revealing the names, birth dates and home addresses of more than 7,500 South Florida police officers, prosecutors, judges and other public officials whose personal information is — or was — protected by law.

Cops call it scary.

“It involves the safety and security of our police officers and their families, and we have seen many a time when officers have been targeted just by the mere nature of their profession,” said John Rivera, president of the Police Benevolent Association representing Miami-Dade officers and several other municipal departments.

The hacking of the personal information for those in law enforcement has prompted multiple investigations.

Special Agent Mike Leverock of the Miami FBI office told CBS4 News, “We are aware of the matter and are looking into it,” declining to provide further detail. Among those on the online database are FBI agents, Secret Service agents and Homeland Security agents.

Russian hackers ostensibly broke into the classified data at the behest of some who are angry over perceived police abuses.

Online comments include references to the case of Claudia Castillo, a citizen whose dash cam recorded a speeding Miami-Dade officer who she pulled over on an expressway ramp in January. The officer apologized, but the president of Miami’s police union posted a photo of Castillo online, apparently drinking a beer while operating a boat. Her cell phone number was also posted.

In Palm Beach County, some have decried allegedly heavy-handed police tactics against minorities and other alleged abuses.

Eight days ago, South Florida’s Homeland Security task force, or Fusion Center, issued an alert to law enforcement agencies saying that those on the hacked list should be “vigilant of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity.”

Some cops are angry they learned of the security breach from the media, not their agency or county hall.

“We find that disgusting because for the past two weeks our officers, their information, was out there and no one knew about it,” said the PBA’s Rivera.

A quick review of the thousands of hacked names reveal at least a dozen Miami-Dade judges on the list. One judge, who spoke not for attribution, said he was dismayed to learn from CBS4 News that his name, date of birth and home address had been posted online.

No one apparently knows how the thousands of names and addresses were culled by the hackers.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s office issued a statement Friday saying, “We cannot confirm whether information was compromised through county systems or other sources.”

In any event, police and others who have to watch their backs on the jobs now must be on the lookout at home, as well.

As of Friday evening, the data base of public officials — that span from South Florida to the panhandle — remained on the web.”

CBS did not reveal the web site…and I think that was proper.


Are ‘Artificially Intelligent’ Hackers The New Thing?
“The Darpa’s Cyber Grand Challenge which will be taking place in August is based on a unique theme – here, seven teams will participate to find vulnerabilities in the computer’s security system, so that they can be patched up before they are manipulated by hackers. With an amount of $70,000 at stake here, the seven teams must participate in a game of “capture-the-flag”.

Giovanni Vigna, a professor of computer science at University of California Santa Barbara, and the founder of the hacking team ‘Shelllphish’, has built a system called the ‘Mechanical Phish’ which will be used in the competition. He has said that hacking is not as “sexy” as it is shown on celluloid, but is done mostly because “it’s fun” or because someone wants to attack someone else, often with a motive of revenge or as a mark of protest.

Other groups, who aren’t participating in thechallenge, are working to develop hacking systems powered by artificial intelligence such as the one developed by Konstantinos Karagiannis, the Chief Technology Officer of BT Americas, which utilizes nervous transmissions to simulate a working model of the human brain

He demonstrated how a program called ‘MarI/O’ which was developed in artificial intelligence, was able to complete a game of the ever popular Super Mario, without having any prior knowledge of it. It just attempted a few random techniques, and somehow manage to sail through after 34 attempts.

“Using this approach a security scanner could identify intricate flaws using creative approaches you would have never thought of. And it can be written with very modest hardware. A $1,000 GPU [graphics processing unit, typically used in gaming] can outrun a supercomputer that used to fill a building 10 years ago.”

The new concept of robo-hackers is proving to be a treat for many cybersecurity professionals, but it could be exploited in the wrong manner if it fell into the hands of criminal hackers. The co-founder of HackerOne Alex Rice agrees with this. He believes that anything in this virtual world which may seem very beneficial can actually prove to be a “double-edged sword” in ways more than one.

“There’s not a single organization that hasn’t had a compromise that was life-threatening, so clearly everything we’re doing is failing” – Rice has said to The Guardian. According to him, the best way of annihilating the cons of the situation would be to combine human minds with the usability of machines – “Until we have fully sentient machines, they still have to be instructed by humans.”

Distinction between Defacement and Haxing

Mass media doesnt seem to get the difference between defacements and haxing.

Generally,defacements involve replacing the landing page of a website with some sort of amateurish looking page with a picture and the name of some “haxing cr3w”.
Depending on the Content Management System, some sites are vulnerable to having their index.php, default.php, or index.html replaced, without getting far into the site, and often, the attacker has no access to much. Hacking, on the other hand involves a haxor getting actually into the deeper part of the website…often, they DON’T deface the front page , because, depending on the goal, they may be planting malware (eg turning the site into a watering hole, that infects all visitors to the site) or making changes to the database, or making other changes, sometimes so subtly that it might not be noticed,
but does destructive events.

So, haxing usually needs a higher level of skill, but defacement, especially with older WordPress sites that have not been updated, are just a matter of using an exploit that has been used time after time by groups like ISIS that are often, merely script kiddies.

Ben Carson, neurosurgeon bows out

Apparently, Carson has gotten enough public attention or sold enough books or whatever, that he is dropping his pretense that he is running for POTUS.

I don’t think Carson was ever a serious candidate, and question how the hell he became a neurosurgeon. He said some things that make you wonder whether he needs to be on some serious psychogenic medication. Ben Carson made Trump look sane, and perhaps, that was his role, to make the other candidates look sane relative to him.

Bye Bye Ben….see you in the Uncle Ben’s Oats commercials.

Who’s above the law ?

We know there are so many laws in the USA that the federal government admits it has no number on how many laws there are…in other words, they don’t know how many there are. A professor recently wrote a book in which he asserts the AVERAGE seemingly law abiding citizen commits at least 3 felonies a day.

We know that many, if not all “haxing” cases, use the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,  as the rationale for prosecution of them. Basically, what the act says is that if someone enters (meaning accesses) a “protected system”, meaning usually that there is an area not viewable from merely visiting the site, either using an exploit, SQL injection, or haxing the password to get inside. The NSA, FBI and other law enforcement, have violated this act in numerous cases….haxing into system of people who have not been found guilty of any crime. Essentially, since they are not prosecuted for this, it establishes a de novo precedent that these agencies are “Above the Law”…that the law does not apply to them.

Of course, they will say they were collecting evidence, however, there is not an “anything goes” rule in collection of evidence and we all know of cases that there are people who are set free in cases where “evidence” was illegally collected or fabricated.

We must ask the question to any candidate for POTUS… Are law enforcement people above the law, i.e. not bound by the same law that we citizens are.

FBI admits using Stingrays and 0 day exploits

” The head of the FBI’s science and technology division has admitted what no other agency official has acknowledged before—the FBI sometimes exploits zero-day vulnerabilities to catch bad guys.

The admission came in a profile published Tuesday of Amy Hess, the FBI’s executive assistant director for science and technology who oversees the bureau’s Operational Technology Division. Besides touching on the use of zero-days—that is, attack code that exploits vulnerabilities that remain unpatched, and in most cases are unknown by the company or organization that designs the product—Tuesday’s Washington Post article also makes passing mention of another hot-button controversy: the FBI’s use of stingrays. As reporter Ellen Nakashima wrote:

One area of controversy is the bureau’s use of cell site simulators, or Stingrays, which mimic cellphone towers to elicit signals from cellphones in an area, including from innocent bystanders. The FBI has long been secretive about the tool’s use, and has even made state and local law enforcement sign nondisclosure agreements.

Though the agreements typically state that the local agency “will not­ . . . disclose any information concerning” the equipment, Hess insists that the FBI has never imposed a gag on local police. For the record, she said, the bureau does not object to revealing the use of the device. It’s the “engineering schematics,” details on exactly how the tool works, that the FBI wants shielded, she said.

Another group that remains shrouded is OTD’s Remote Operations Unit. There, technicians with a warrant hack computers to identify suspects. Euphemistically called “network investigative techniques,” that activity has stirred concerns similar to those raised with the use of Stingrays.

For one thing, the warrant applications do not describe the technique’s use in detail. So judges may not really understand what they are authorizing. Hess said that agents can describe the process more fully to a judge in closed chambers. That’s if the judge knows to ask.

Privacy advocates also worry that to carry out its hacks, the FBI is using “zero-day” exploits that take advantage of software flaws that have not been disclosed to the software maker. That practice makes consumers who use the software vulnerable, they argue.

Hess acknowledged that the bureau uses zero-days—the first time an official has done so. She said the trade-off is one the bureau wrestles with. “What is the greater good—to be able to identify a person who is threatening public safety?” Or to alert software makers to bugs that, if unpatched, could leave consumers vulnerable?

“How do we balance that?” she said. “That is a constant challenge for us.”

She added that hacking computers is not a favored FBI technique. “It’s frail,” she said. As soon as a tech firm updates its software, the tool vanishes. “It clearly is not reliable” in the way a traditional wiretap is, she said.

The Post also includes counterpoint from privacy advocate and American Civil Liberties Union Principal Technologist Christopher Soghoian. He referred to Hess as the “queen of domestic surveillance” and opines: “if it’s high-tech and creepy, it’s happening in the Operational Technology Division.”

The FBI’s secrecy surrounding stingrays has been well documented. And the controversy over the use of zero-days by governments has also generated its share of headlines. Both issues are controversial, in part because they have the potential to harm vast numbers of people who aren’t suspected of committing any crime. That’s because stingrays generally intercept all cell phone communications in a given area, not just those of a drug or kidnapping suspect. Paying large sums of money to buy zero-days, meanwhile, creates powerful incentives for governments to keep the underlying vulnerabilities secret. FBI officials have long attempted to distance themselves from such topics. Today, they inched slightly closer.”

My thoughts on haxing and theft of money

First off…its illegal…and in the past, I’ve labeled most people who did it, not “hax0rs” but simply digital criminals. But, thinking more on the topic, I’ve thought of some nuanced cases where it would not be just a digital criminal action.

First off…let’s talk about the cops who have had to pay out money because of ransomware.
The problem with that is it is the tax money of the citizens that gets paid out. To me, the cops themselves should have to pay it out of their OWN bank accounts, because it was their fault it happened on their watch….no the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

It should be mandatory for every police department to have a good backup plan that includes daily backups and that backups must be tested for being corrupt. We are seeing increasing numbers of police departments paying out because ransomware has their drives encrypted…and it is not encryption that could be broken easily…this is high level encryption.

What we will probably see next, are hospitals hit with ransomware  for several reasons.
Hospital security of their networks are often pathetic. Secondly, large hospitals increasingly are being owned by huge corporations, and they have more money than small town cops. Thirdly, a hospital MUST have access to patient records…and they would have to pay out whatever the ransom was.

Now, poor folks ….average hard working 99 percenters who get haxed, by a skimmer at a restaurant or installed in an ATM, these people who get hit, the hackers are digital criminals…’s fucking wrong.

The people who I feel should get haxed, are people that are obscenely rich bastards like the Koch Brothers, Walton family, etc…and, if the hax0r used the funds to help homeless or
animal rescue places, I would be fine with it…and would feel more like they were digital Robin Hoods than digital criminals. So, its the “victim” that makes the difference.